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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

This past Sunday, like the Sunday before, was another victory for the women of the United Democratic Party and by extension the nation of Belize. Like the Sunday before in Belize City, so was the UDP Convention, held in Cayo District very well attended.The latter convention was held to vote for the slate that will represent the great UDP, in the 2018 Municipal Election, for the TWIN TOWNS of SAN IGNACIO and SANTA ELENA. A total of 2,739 voters from the Twin Towns came out and cast their votes. In the race to fill the slot for a Mayoral Candidate, the very popular, Incumbent Mayor Earl Trapp received: 2,102 votes. His challenger, Lupita Ferguson received: 548 votes. Some 89 ballots were spoilt and were therefore rejected.

In the race for Councillor candidates, like the week before, in Belize City, the two top positions were taken by women. This time it was the very popular, hardworking incumbent councilor, Bernadette Fernandez who received:1,664 votes to top the polls. She was followed by the young, educated, dynamic and hardworking Shary Medina, who received 1,443 votes. The remaining members of the team are, George Boiton who received: 1,402 votes. He was followed by another dynamic, educated, hardworking woman in the person of incumbent Vanessa Neal. She was the third female to make it onto the slate, by receiving: 1,387 votes. Mark O’Brien was next by receiving: 1,234 votes. Nick Singh received: 1,080 votes to fill out the final slot on the slate

Eight other qualified persons contested the convention to fill the slots for Councilor Candidates, but this time around, they were unsuccessful. Those persons were namely, David Magana, Aidyrolina Zetina, Gregorio Quintanilla, Bernz Mendez, Gilbert Young, Lupita Ferguson, Carlos Garcia and Jeran Funes. Something to note, is that every candidate in the UDP convention polled more than the candidates at the PUP Convention. Our candidate at number thirteen, who received  474, would have beaten the PUP’s Top Mayoral Candidate who only received 345 votes.  The TWIN TOWNS of San Ignacio and Santa Elena has almost always been seen as a UDP Stronghold and that does not appear to be changing. All elections are local and the people of the area know who delivers the goods and services for them.

There is also some NOTABLE NUMBERS coming out of this past Sunday’s Convention. We compared the numbers from Sunday against those from the 2015 Municipal Elections and those numbers are telling, a very horrific story for the PUP. It goes like this, from out of the 7,382 votes cast back in 2015, the top vote getter for the PUP in 2015 got only 2,612 votes. Compare it to the 2,739 voters who cast their votes for the two UDP Mayoral Aspirants on Sunday. That 2,650 would be converted as a solid block of UDP votes next March. With the 2739 voters at the UDP convention outnumbering the 800 voters from the PUP convention, from a few weeks earlier by over three to one ratio, the PUP is on the road to take the type of beating like they have never seen before in the twin towns.