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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Unable to find candidates to run for the municipal elections, the PUP are finding candidates on Facebook to have them run a parallel election on Facebook. They are selecting some of the persons who post in a prolific fashion and are going so far as creating posters for them to run for the PUP in the Facebook municipal elections. The problem is that even on Facebook people are not voting especially when people see that hand of oppression on the banners being created; they immediately shy away. Its like rubbing salt on fresh wounds and even though the people being picked are good people the blue tinge just makes Facebook users hate them. The PUP need to stop this for the sake of those involved.

Sober Posts

Being known to indulge in the bottle most of the time, we are almost certain that when Mike Rudon decided to post on his Facebook page to F... the PUP he was definitely sober. The post was up long enough for someone to screen-shot it and we managed to get our hands on it. The Sauce must have kicked in sometime later and reviewing his sober posts, the Belize Times editor decided to pull it down. Of course this was not before being summarily ‘cusssed’ out by the PUP leadership who threatened to take his job as the Slimes editor.

Good luck to an old bicycle

She is fondly known in Belmopan and countrywide for that matter as the old bicycle that refuses to give up. And as faithful as an old bicycle is, she is as faithful to the PUP so much so that she has decided on running for the PUP. We hear that back in the days she was quite a hot candidate liked by many but her steam seems to have fizzled out and her popularity has dwindled. One individual told us that if aborted children could vote, she would stand a chance in the upcoming municipal elections.