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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Johnny Briceno who has very much to answer as it relates to allegations of corruption against him seems to have forgotten his past and is attempting to somehow lead a charge of corruption against the UDP and in particular the Area Representative for Orange Walk North. To this end he mobilized a national operation bussing in people from all across the country to Orange Walk town for what they call and anti-corruption demonstration. In the end a mere one thousand fanatics showed up, of course their pockets was anywhere between 40 and 50 dollars heavier.

They paraded through the streets of Orange Walk and made all the noise they wanted. But it seemed that this was not enough for Briceno, he somehow wanted to look like a leader and instead of disbursing the crowd at the end of the parade, they were egged on to go to the Tower Hill Bridge and block it.

It was a miscalculation on Briceno's part, in a effort to grandstand he put his followers in harms way. As the numbskull Edilberto Mai blocked the road leading to the tower hill bridge what followed was anyone's guess. Between him and Briceno they temporarily blocked the bridge with Briceno attempting to put off a show as if he were being ruffed up by police. The truth is that it was his own followers including Mai who were manhandling him and he played on with them. It was not too long before the law enforcement officers had had enough and the crowd was disbursed with the use of teargas.

No one was injured during the entire episode but one Marisol Amaya who as always was being overzealous in trying to get an interview with Briceno had to be hauled off to the side as she too was in the way of the officers as they attempted to clear the highway for the free flow of traffic.