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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Goodness! I received a lot of feedback from my opinion piece last week which mentioned Hon. Vega. It seems that he still has many faithful supporters in OW North who swear by him. They maintain that under Gapi Orange Walk North really underwent notable development with thousands of titled house lots having been issued, several schools built, community and sport centers opened, drains installed, roads paved, feeder roads cleared and educational grants awarded, among other projects. Listen, the alternative for Orange Walk North, or the entire country even, is not an attractive option. Change monkey for black dog they say. We no want no sprang, they chanted today Wednesday. I won’t lie to you and say the pro- Vega crowd was big, but they had heart to go out there against the might and money of an organized PUP leadership.

I know I can state the following opinion without hesitation: I do not think there is any sitting PUP representative with the moral authority to cast stones at Gapi, but I will not try to make two wrongs a right. The bloody PUP was a wicked and dishonest government and the Ministry of NR was at the heart of their corruption scandals. One pathetic former die-hard Red turn crazy Blue said on the airwaves that yes, the “B” family was corrupt but not as bad as Gapi.  That is a subjective opinion no, # Mr. BNE Trust? Like every Belizean, we want to see the scourge of public corruption eliminated but I will not bury my head in the sand and try to justify wrong-doing because one of my UDP leaders is being accused.  Blue supporters must accept that their PARTY leaders raided our country and  granted close relatives, friends, and supporters miles of roadside property which they later  turned  and mortgaged  to the DFC under the Securitization scam concocted by the great “Cabeza” himself. 90% of these loans defaulted and several of these beneficiaries are the real “get me rich” skunks. No ask about water-front beaches at national-reserved land at honey camp. Sold, sold, and sold, at $30,000/lot. Free money for the “lambiscones”.

But I am mashing a lot of corns, my friend, so I better skip that page. As I said what is wrong is wrong no matter who did it.  Back to Gapi, I will admit that The PUP had a fairly good-sized parade today and it will surely give a lift to their Party leadership after the feeling of desperation seeped in along with the “de la Fuente” candidacy. They needed that shot of “blue bull” to prep up their spirits here in OWT.

From what I heard all the human and financial resources will be concentrated here on OWT by the blue machine since the rest of the country looks too red to waste money on. Here rests the hope and future of the present PUP Party Leader. I wish him well in his elusive quest for unity and control within his Party. Hold tight Juan, “Thing 1” is salivating in the background. Don’t turn your back on Kareem, mi bally!