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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Police are looking into a very worrying case in Corozal where an explosive device was being constructed.  If it was in its finished state, it could have been detonated remotely. That type of apparatus has not been discovered in Belize before and the experts are concerned about the escalation of that type of threat.

That device ended up in the hands of the police in Corozal after a civilian handed it over to them on Saturday, September 9. The BDF retrieved it, and it was examined by Brigadier General David Jones, the BDF Commander, the country’s foremost bomb expert.

Describing it to the media, General Jones said, “The device did not have explosives, but it is definitely someone attempting to make a sophisticated improvise explosive device or a more sophisticated bomb which would be the first that we’ve seen being constructed in Belize… It had a capacitor, it had a sensor and a cellphone attached to it. So the person who was trying to construct the device would do it in mind that he would just probably dial the cell number for the phone and it would set the device off, which means he would do it remotely. It’s not something that you go and place and then try and use a mechanical device as would be the norm for more basic device. This is more sophisticated in that it’s a cell phone. But no explosives were present and the detonator was not present, but it was constructed in similar fashion as you would do device that you would set off remotely.”

The BDF General is hoping that the Corozal police will be conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the origin of this device, and hopefully the person who was attempting to build it. Since opening of the September Celebrations, there have been 2 explosives and this most recent one found.