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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Feeling that the near riotous event of last week was a success, the PUP have been holding meetings with chief agitators, Oscar Requena and Servulo Baeza, in the hopes of riding what they saw as a successful event. The problem with the meetings is that both men who are expected to lead the charge for the PUP are so dense that during most of the meetings all Johnny Briceno could do was hold his head in disbelief of what was being proposed to be the next course of action.

For his part Briceno's brother and advisor to Johnny, too, buried his head in his lap and hoped that the meeting would come to an end very quickly. The two cavemen masquerading as the brain thrust of the PUP have very little to contribute to any real change to what is being offered by the PUP.

The reality of the PUP as a political party is that they are not viewed as any serious opposition that would be able to lead this country in any better path than what it already is in. And Briceno is getting more than enough doses of this as he holds his meeting. His party is devoid of any real proposals to make them be perceived as any political party to offer solutions to Belize.