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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

With the festivities of the Tenth now over, the Belize Archives & Records Service BARS would like to share with us some factual information surrounding St. George’s Caye Day. Just as in every 10th celebration, it serves us well to remember the great sacrifices of our forefathers.

Many Belizeans who have read about the engagement between the Settlers and the Spanish might recall that there were defensive Forts at the Belize Settlement. Apart from the most commonly known Fort Balccares and Fort Lindsay located on either sides of the Haulover, there were also forts at present day Belize City. There were Fort Barrow, Fort Wexford and Fort Dundas. Fort Barrow was located around the area of the old hospital on the Northside, while Fort Wexford and Fort Dundas were on the South. Fort Wexford was located on the property belonging to Thomas Paslow who financed the fitting out of the house, as well as, the cannons and swivels in the yard and on the wharf. Fort Dundas appears to have been somewhere on Bird’s Island, while the Barracks which housed the 6th West India Regiment from Jamaica was in the Yarborough area.

The BARS, along with partner agencies, is currently working on the transcription of the Spanish archival records from Seville and it is quite amazing to see how much of their reports match up to the records in our Meeting of Magistrates and Magistrates Letters. The Spanish side even gives account of their plan to take the forts on the Haulover first before attacking those on the north and southside of the settlement. We cannot wait for the completion of the publication which is an ongoing detail oriented project. This information is taken from both the Spanish reports and the a Map showing the defense “thrown up by the inhabitants for their mutual defense” which was drawn by David Lamb, Engineer in May 1797.