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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Despite the best efforts of the police to secure all the September Celebrations events, there was a mass shooting a few hours after the September 9 Carnival J’ouvert where 6 participants were injured. Police believe that the intended target was a man who was acquitted of murder only the day before.

Participants in the early morning event say that the officers were out in big numbers, trying to protect the hundreds of revelers who came out on that Saturday. The event concluded peacefully, and at around 6 a.m., 1 gunman, riding on a bicycle, approached a group of people leaving the area where the j’ouvert ended.

The shooter immediately opened fire into the crowd, which was passing the corner of Kelly and Wilson Streets, and several persons were injured. A 17 year-old male was injured to the left leg. A 15 year-old male was also injured to the left leg. Another 15 year-old male was injured to the right leg, and the one of his toes. A 15 year-old female suffered  an injury to the abdomen, and the right wrist. Among the adults shot was 20 year-old Keith Wallace, who suffered an injury to the left foot, and 22 year-old Akeem Augustine, who suffered an injury to the left toe.

Readers may be aware that Akeem Augustine was acquitted of murder the day before in a trial without jury before Justice Adolph Lucas. He spent 4 year and 5 months on remand for the March 2013 murder of Ardon Belgrave. The judge ruled that the prosecution did not prove that he shot and killed Belgrave in a broad daylight shooting on Caesar Ridge Road.

He was a participant in the j’ouvert, and it is believed that he was intended target in the crowd. It caused innocent bystanders to run for cover, so that they would be injured in the spray of gunfire.

There was a nearby Adventist Church where 2 of the gunshot victims ran after they were injured. A taxi driver parked nearby had to get low so that he could avoid the shooting, and one of the bullets ended up lodged in his car door.

As soon as the shooting began, nearby officers immediately activated, and they chased down the gunman and a person believed to be his accomplice. Despite their best efforts, those individuals escaped, and 10 persons were initially detained.

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