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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:00

Gustavo Hernandez, a 21 year-old Orange Walk resident, was killed in a shooting on St. George’s Caye Day. He was one of 2 men who witnessed the high-profile killing of Daniel Sosa, and so, it has been speculated that he was executed because his killer wanted to ensure that he wouldn’t testify in the case.

A female companion, who witnessed his murder, came forward to the press to give a chilling account of the attempt made on his life. It happened at just after 5 a.m. on Sunday, September 10, on the San Antonio Road. He was walking a woman to her house, and according to police they were in the company of other persons.

This female companion, who asked for her identity to be withheld for fear of her life, explained that they had a disagreement while walking on the road. She was insisting that it was not necessary for him to accompany her, but chose to do so anyway. She says that as they were about to cross the highway, he grabbed her to alert her that a gunman was chasing him.

She recalled him telling her, “Well, it’s now”, knowing very well that there were people seeking to kill him. She said that she threw herself on the ground, and begged the gunman, who approached on bicycle not to kill him or her. That gunman was reportedly wearing a mask over his face, where only his eyes were visible. She says that the shooter ignored her completely and opened fire on Hernandez who tried to flee. The first gunshot hit him in the head, and when he fell, the shooter shot him 2 more times. This companion said that after she heard the first shot, she got up off the ground and fled for cover behind a nearby vehicle.

The gunman reportedly road off to a stream of curses being thrown at him by onlookers who saw him shot Hernandez 3 times in the head. He reportedly opened fire at an elderly security guard who saw the entire thing unfold from his post. Fortunately, those shots missed, and the gunman road off.

A bleeding Hernandez was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, and later to the KHMH where the doctors tried to save his life. They managed to keep him alive until 6 p.m., over 13 hours, but unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries to the head and face.

His family told the media that they knew that people wanted him dead. His mother, Marisela Hernandez, said, “He was talking to my brother. They were drinking, and he said, ‘It’s a gold right now [my head].’ Everybody wants to kill him. But, he said, ‘Uncle Juan, if they kill, let them kill me so that I die, because if I stay alive, something will happen. He used to go to my sister, and she said that he told her. He never told me anything to me.”

When the Supreme Court trial came up, He would have testified against Hilmar Alamilla, the major UDP supporter in Orange Walk, who was charged with murdering his own friend, Daniel Sosa. On the morning of July 29, Hernandez was in Alamilla’s truck along with another man, and he gave police a statement saying he saw when Alamilla shot Sosa in the head. His family, and other residents in Orange Walk are convinced of the link between the two cases, but Superintendent David Chi, the officer commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, told the press that there is no evidence to support that speculation at this time. He told the press that he and investigators have a motive for the crime, but he was not willing to release it.

Hernandez leaves behind a 1 and a half year-old daughter, and a grieving family, including his mother who told the media that he was her only son.

There are reports that this other man may have been threatened as well, but police say that they don’t have any official reports from this man that he is fearful that he may be targeted.