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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

A disturbing double tragedy in Belize City over the weekend has caused 2 families to be caught in the torment of grief. It happened at the Headquarters of the AAA Security Firm last Friday. It is suspected, but unproven at this time, Robert Godfrey, the owner of the security company shot and killed his employee, General Manager Delcie Smith, and then committed suicide.

Police have been very delicate about the handling of the case referring to it at this time as a “death investigation”. In a police press conference, held on Monday September 18, Assistant Police Commissioner Joseph Myvette, the Head of national Criminal Investigations Branch, refused to comment on who inflicted the injuries to the victims.

When asked about it, he responded, “I think at this point, based on this stage of the investigation, I do not want to answer that.”

Initial police reports say, however, that at around 8:30 p.m., officers visited the Triple A Security Services office, at mile 2 and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Once there, they entered the office area and found the body of 50 year-old Delsie Olivia Smith; someone shot her in the head. Shortly after that, the officers discovered 66 year-old Robert Godfrey’s body on the floor, and he had also suffered a gunshot injury to the side of the head. The cops also discovered a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver with 2 expended shells, and 3 live rounds of ammunition.

Initial investigation suggests that at about 7:30 p.m, 1 hour before police arrived, Godfrey took out the weapon which was found and shot Smith in the head. It is believed that he then pointed the gun at himself, fired a second round, and ended his own life.

The violent end to both adults has caught Delcie Smith’s family completely off-guard. Her daughter, Tricia Hislop, has told the press, “Everybody is surprised; everybody is shocked.”

She said that Robert Godfrey was a good friend of her family for the entire 11 years that her mother has worked as his employee. So, of course, she and her other family members are yet to reconcile the fact that the man who was very friendly and generous with them, may have ended her mother’s life, and then his.

Reports say that an employee has given a version of events suggesting that Friday night was like a typical mid-month routine for the two. Delcie Smith was putting together payroll and organizing the schedules for those employees who would be working the weekend shift. Shortly after that, the gunshots were heard, and both people were found dead.

Unfortunately, social media was flooded with discussion over this particularly tragic event, and it led to a lot of rumors which Tricia Hislop stressed was unfair to her deceased mother.

She said, “I need everybody to stop, you can’t assume a relationship was there. She was the manager; he was the boss… I know my mom so I know there was nothing there and I knew him, he was a family friend, he has been around 11 years. My mom was working with them 11 years and he was there every time, every occasion everything, he bought us Christmas gifts, everything so we can’t stand here and ridicule him…We have nothing negative to say; we want to wish the family condolences on our behalf.”

There have been no comment from the Godfrey family about the passing of Robert Godfrey so far.