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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

PUP operatives are all lining up to attack the brand NEW BELIZE CITY CIVIC CENTER . Now it is Senator Bacon who is the latest Anti-Civic Center Crusader. Like all other PUPs including his leader Johnny, who has tried to attack the construction of this historical sporting complex, he is referring to the COMPLEX as just a BASKETBALL COURT. Maybe because he like his many co-crusaders are athletically challenged and may not know the difference between a Basketball Court and a Sporting Complex. So in order to teach him the difference we will direct him to first go visit Anglican Cathedral College (ACC)  one of his Albert St. neighborhood schools. When he arrives there, he should look for that huge slab of concrete on the ground, that is a basketball court. He can then go to Yabra Cemetery right near the bridge to see another basketball court. Upon completing those two visits, he should go the Belize Civic Center and notice the difference. Word of advice to the Bacon Bandit “KEEP TO WHAT YOU KNOW SIR”

Then there is another approach being pushed by the PUP. They are now asking about value for money. Some of them have now started to compare our 4,500 seat interior of the Civic Center to Cancun’s poly-forum Benito Juarez, which is a ground level stadium that was built almost 10 years ago using the much cheaper and inferior technology of a decade ago. How far will these PUPs go to try and badmouth this MAGNIFICENT SPORTING COMPLEX? Do they think that if they badmouth the complex, it will just disappear into thin air or take a dive under the water like THEIR Iguana Creek Bridge? Was not one of their own Senators /PUP Albert Candidates Paul Thompson a director of BIL, the agency responsible for the project from design to completion of the project?  Wouldn’t he have spoken out if there was some sort of hustle going on?

Now let us look at what the Mexicans built almost 10 years ago. They built a building that is at ground level.

Construction cost was much lower back then. Mexico produces almost all, if not all of the construction materials needed. Back in 2008 the Peso was around 5.4 to the Belize dollar making the cost 98 MILLION MEXICAN PESOS for their stadium around 18.2 million Belize dollars. Besides the amenities inside the stadium there is nothing else outside. Now compare that to what we got here with the Civic Center. We got an elevated stadium. All materials beside aggregates and cement were imported. There is an entire compound with other amenities outside of the actual stadium. The streets around  the stadium have been constructed from concrete. A river deck has been built. Materials are much more expensive that they were ten years ago. We had to import technical expertise, because unlike the Mexicans we don’t have those here. As mentioned before we imported most of the materials including the entire superstructure of the building. Those were shipped to Belize at a high cost. What we got was value for money. THE PUP CANNOT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE SAY THAT THEY GOT VALUE FOR MONEY ON ANY OF THE PROJECTS THEY BUILT. Maybe they may want to compare the Civic to the Belize City Commercial Center and the Firestation that they built 25 years ago.

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