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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

The fiasco that was the crowning of two Queens of the Bay is something that most Belizeans would want to put behind us as quickly as possible. But this is not the case for Kevin Bernard, he continues to promote disunity in the September Celebrations.

Traditionally the Queen of the Bay winner, in this case ... Ysaguirre, participates in the Independence day activities in Orange Walk with her being featured on a float during the Orange Walk Carnival. Well it seems that Bernard is totally against this and in an incendiary post on Facebook he posts as follows.

Bernard actually tells the Queen of the Bay “unu welcome as spectators, but this is Orange Walk Town September Celebrations activities and we will do it OW style with OUR representative...” with that it would seem that Bernard is continuing to promote disunity in the celebrations and to him we say, “shame on you!”