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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce has informed the public that given Section 4(1) of the Standards (Preparation and Declaration) Regulations, 1997 it proposes to recommend to the Standards Advisory Council that the following various draft standards be declared compulsory Belize Standards. Such standards include the following:

1.The Belize Draft Specification for Pneumatic Passenger Car Tires;

2.     The Belize Draft Standard Specification for Pneumatic Tires for Non-Passenger Vehicles;

3.   The Belize Draft Standard Code of Practice for Storage of Tires, Inner Flaps and Tubes; and

4.     The Belize Draft Standard Specification for Definitions of Terms used in the Pneumatic Tire Industry.

As a way forward, the BBS facilitated a stakeholder consultation at its headquarters in Belmopan last Friday. There was a morning session for stakeholders of new tires and an afternoon session for stakeholders for used ones where a total of 30 persons participated from across Belize.

A report from the Standard Advisory council, which was established under the Standards Act 1992, claims that consumers purchase tires based on their perception of what constitutes a good quality tire product. The risk involved here is that tires may contain defects that are not easily detected by untrained consumers and hence become a safety hazard to road users. These standards, therefore, were developed in response to these concerns. It specifies the quality requirements for both new and used tires for passenger vehicles. It specifically addresses the concerns related to used tires by incorporating a section with detailed inspection and selection criteria.

The prevailing open market system enables the importation of large quantities of both new and used tires into Belize. At present, there are no regulations addressing the quality and integrity of either new or used tires imported into Belize. It is envisaged that these standards will be implemented by the Bureau of Standard through a Tire Inspection Program.

Rubber products in general can deteriorate during storage and in extreme circumstances could become unserviceable. Deterioration can be caused by such factors as deformation of the article or by the action of ozone, light, heat or humidity. It is important, therefore, to minimize these effects by taking appropriate precautions during storage in order that tires, tubes and flaps are maintained in good condition.

Rodolfo Guttierez, Consumer Protection Officer at the BBS explained to the Guardian that with the new tire standards hopefully it would bring more safety on the roads. He also suggests that tires that have become degraded can explode and this can lead to a loss of life.