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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) were up to no-good again on Saturday, September 16, when they went to the Sarstoon Island to aggravate the Guatemalan navy.

Since the BTV’s flamboyant and dangerous missions from August 2015, the Belizean public are very well aware that the Guatemalans have taken a more aggressive and unreasonable stance about the Sarstoon River. Fortunately, the volunteers had not been in the evening news for a while now. So, the attention-starved BTV and their splinter group Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) went back for the second Sarstoon Island Eco-Challenge.

The premise is simple. It’s supposed to be a kayaking and canoe race from Barranco Village to Sarstoon Island, once around the island, and back to Barranco. Last year, it went off without incident, and so, the agitators among the ranks of the volunteers decided to escalate things this time around.

Instead of only going around the island, the participants, led by chief mischief-maker, Wil Maheia, decided to be defiant by actually going to the island and planting a Belizean flag there, and singing the national. They did that, and the Guatemalan Navy responded by trying to drive them away from the island.

Maheia proudly declared on national television, “We actually went on the island and sung the anthem on the island and that’s really what pissed them off; they got real mad when they saw that we went to the island, put up the flag and sang the national anthem. They wanted us to ask permission, but why would we ask permission for something that is ours?”

Of course, the next side interprets the incident differently, the Guatemalan Newspaper, Prensa Libre, exaggerated their activities with a headline which said, “Belizeans try to invade islet in Sarstun river.”

The article says that that the Guatemalan navy “carried out an operation in defense of national sovereignty.” The article notes that the eco-challenge was immediately exposed as a political stance, disguised as a harmless eco-tourist event. There were all kinds of wild claims in the article that the volunteers were armed, which is certainly not true, but they were the ones who decided to go tantalize the Guatemalans. They should have expected a negative slant.

Of course, civil society, and the loud-mouth PUP’s are howling mad, or at least, they are pretending to be. They’re demanding that the Government of Belize make some grand gesture of protest for what happened. Everybody is ignoring the fact that the Territorial Volunteers - and failed politician Wil Maheia - had a huge roll to play in the confrontation. It takes 2 to fight, and on this day, Belizeans aggravated the situation in a tantalizing manner. We must not be biased and refrain from condemning the territorial volunteers for the role that they played.