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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 00:00

Santos Miguel Bernardez, a 51 year-old Honduran resident of Belize was the third person to die from gun violence over the weekend. It appears at this time that Bernardez may have not been the intended target, because he was murdered by a gunman who fired into a group of people.

Investigations are indicating at this stage that Bernardez was socializing with other persons in a yard on Lara Dunn Street, on Saturday, September 16. At around 9:50 that night, while he and others were playing dominoes, a gunman approached the yard and fired several shots at the group. One of the shots injured Bernardez in the head and he died right there at the table where he was sitting down.

His niece reportedly saw him get killed, and according to her aunt, Atanasia Oliva, who’s Bernardez’s sister, she was distressed. She told the media, “My niece she saw when they shot her uncle. She ran and told her mom they shot her uncle… Then they called me crying and told me what was happening with my brother.”

Bernardez’s sister asserts that he was no trouble maker, and as an employee for City Council he worked very hard at his job, which is to keep the City streets clean.

He is the father of 2 older children.

There were also several other shootings over the weekend. Just 2 hours before, on that same Saturday night when Bernardez was shot and killed, the cops had to respond to another shooting incident, which happened on Elston Kerr Street.

The victim in that shooting was 30 year-old Sheffield Ysaguirre, another City resident. At around 8 p.m., he was walking on the street when an unknown man opened fire on him and shot him in the stomach multiple times. He was rushed to the KHMH, where he is currently receiving medical treatment.

Then on Sunday afternoon, September 17, at around 11a.m. Joseph Ducey, a 51 year-old Haitian-Belizean taxi driver, was at his Police Street home when 2 young men approached him in his yard. One of them pulled out a weapon and opened fire on him. Fortunately, he was not hurt, but he pulled his own licensed firearm and returned fire, chasing them off. Police are looking for his would-be assailants.

On that same Sunday night, at around 8 o’clock, Aaron King was at a birthday party in the Buttonwood Bay area when 2 gunmen went looking for him. King’s family told the press he was standing in the company of his girlfriend and another friend when 2 men rode by on bicycles. They called out to King, as if attempting to confirm a target. That man then got off his bike, pulled out a gun and immediately shot King twice in the chest, and once in the shoulder.

While the gunman was trying to flee, a party-goer who had his licensed weapon on him, shot him in the stomach. He was subdued, and both King and his assailant were taken to the KHMH.  That assailant, has been identified as Moses Babb. It is expected that as soon as he is well enough, he will be criminally charged for the shooting of Aaron King.

King has since been moved to the Intensive Care Unit, and he remains in a critical condition at the KHMH.