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Thursday, 28 September 2017 00:00

The unexplained disappearance of a promising young man has hit the Belizean consciousness like a wrecking ball. Rumors running wild and conspiracy theories cooked up by the minute are doing very little to help in locating the young man or at the very least establish what might have occurred.

These are a few of the “facts” that are known at this time. Members of the GSU (five officers) acting on information visited an area in the Lucky Strike Village where they came upon a farm where cannabis was being cultivated. Upon arrival, according to the police they saw two persons in the middle of the field, one of whom ran away into the bushes. The police say they fired three to four rounds into the air. The police apprehended one of the individuals whom they identified as Cameron Usher. The police did not pursue nor fire shots in the direction where the individual ran. The police took control of the area and in the presence of the suspect destroyed the plantation by uprooting the plants. This operation lasted a couple of hours during which the five officers were in the presence of the accused. Upon conclusion the officers left the area but not before destroying a plastic container by puncturing it with a pick-axe. They then escorted Cameron Usher to the Police Station where he was processed. This took a couple more hours and concluded around 5:00pm. All during this time Cameron made no mention that the person who had escaped by running into the bushes was his son or worse yet that he was a minor. The Police only found out that it was a minor officially at around 10:00pm when someone other than the father made that report to a senior police officer.

Accounts from Cameron suggest that there was a third person. His reports differ from the Police’s only in the number of shots that were fired and the location where he was captured. He says the police fired fifteen shots but does not say if it was in the air or in the direction where his son ran. He also states that he was not caught inside the field but on a track nearby.

Now, the question in our mind is why did Cameron not inform the police officers at the scene that the person who had ran into the bushes was his son and that he was a minor? Why did Cameron at no point call out for his son Cameron to come out and not expose himself to the potential hazards of the treacherous bushes? Cameron at no point suggests that his son was shot or may have been shot in the operation. Cameron was on Krem TV saying that he believes his son is still alive and could not be killed by the police. This suggests that at no time he thought that his son’s life was in danger, at least not as a consequence of being shot. Had Kelvin been shot wouldn’t he have screamed? Wouldn’t Cameron have noticed that his son was shot? Wouldn’t evidence be found by civilians and family members to suggest that Kelvin was killed? Family members and other civilians were already at the scene on Monday morning, they would have found traces of blood which would have been impossible to remove especially at night. It would be far-fetched that the Police would return to the scene hours after having left and proceed to administer extra-judicial justice to a young man who by all accounts is a humble and respectful individual.

If the police wanted to cover up anything would not the father had gone missing as well? The public needs to step back and analyze all the details in their entirety and make informed criticisms. It does not help a situation like this one to be speculating and causing public panic and undue concern by distorting facts.

A group of concerned students have decided to march through the city streets to demonstrate their displeasure with the authorities. Wouldn’t this energy be best expended by organizing into search parties to look for Kelvin? The march is being conducted based on the premise that the Police has acted improperly. How will they feel if or when the investigation is concluded and it is found that it was someone else’s negligence and they could have made a difference on the ground? How do you say OOOPPPS My Bad?