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Thursday, 28 September 2017 00:00

For 13 days now, police have been unsure about the questionable death of 78 year-old Karl Leslie. He’s a Belizean American retiree who lived in Hattieville, but his family and friends are asserting to the press that he was murdered.

His body was discovered inside his home in Hattieville on Thursday, September 14, and since then, police have been trying to determine if he was killed, or if he died of natural causes. The police press office has released information saying that the doctor’s post mortem showed that Leslie died of a fluid in the brain - most likely blood, and that his spinal cord was broken in two places. They are currently referring to it as a “death investigation”.

Family members have spoken with the press asserting that the police officers who witnessed the post-mortem with them have been more declarative on what they think is the cause of death. These officers reportedly told them that the doctor determined his cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head. In layman’s terms, he was hit in the head, and someone broke his back in 2 places. These family members also note that his shotgun, and cash, in both US and Belizean currencies were stolen from his house. So, the family believes that he was killed, and that the perpetrators, who may have known him very well, then stole his belongings.

Leslie recently moved back to Belize from the US after retiring a few years ago. Most of his family members are currently residing in the US. Those from Hattieville who knew him say that he was very friendly, and helpful, and he was willing to assist those in need with financial help if he could afford it.

It is unclear how police will proceed with the case with the revelation of the post-mortem results.

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