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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 28 September 2017 00:00

One of the definitions that the Urban Dictionary gives to the phrase ‘Freudian slip’ is: A typographical error, misspelling, or slip of the tongue of which is thought to reveal a hidden subconscious emotion. On Monday, September 18, 2017 Channel 7NEWS classified Wil much more eloquently than I could ever hope to!  Concerning the word “ass” in their text, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to trying to figure out what exactly was the thinking of the journalist! The idiots who continuously provoke Guatemala – and the pack of donkeys that bray them on, could not be more correctly categorized!  Belize does NOT need Wil or the stupidly named ‘Belize Territorial Volunteers’ to irritate our aggressive foe.  Wil is not Foreign Minister, patriot or hero; he will get Belizeans hurt or killed.  The very deliberate and wise actions of the British Foreign Office way back in the 1850’s are directly responsible for securing this Territory. Said Musa is right in saying that we have an “iron clad” case.  So let’s march the Guatemalans into court! The greedy PUP wants to derail the process for partisan political gain.

Did ANYTHING that Wil and the BTV ever done,have even the slightest positive effect?  NO, Guatemala has NOT dropped the unfounded claim.  Way back in 1797 the smart Jamaican Governor sent reinforcements to Superintendent and Commander-in Chief Lieut. Colonel Thomas Barrow with instructions:”…remain on the defensive, nor take any step that may tend to irritate the Spaniards…”  Two years later, the early inhabitants of this Jewel whipped Field-Marshal Arturo O’Neill’s invading force!  On Saturday, the ‘whutliss’ PUP sent no reinforcements to Wil.  Neither did the TPP, the BPP, the BCCI, the NGOs, Kremandala, X, Mose, Luke, Lisa, Eamon…  Wil is dead set on causing trouble – what utter madness! If suicide was the only option on the table I would not be concerned, but the idiots are threatening the lives of all of us!  Who gave them the right to do that?  They have NO mandate whatsoever from the Belizean People.On this matter of supreme NATIONAL importance the PUP is wrong to be playing partisan games.  PUP always does the wrong thing when it comes to Guatemala!

Each and every VOTER needs to understand that the main reason that we are so deep in this mess is because we had a leader who wanted to move us from British Subjects to Guatemalan Citizens.  George Cadle Guatemala Price almost sold us out – ‘lock, stock and barrel.’  The people who supported him over the years have to face up to their actions.  Britain delayed giving us Independence for fear that Price would hand us directly over to Guatemala. The political careers of tens of his early colleagues were ruined because of his traitorous deeds!  Today, remnants of his disciples are doing their very best to create armed conflict in this region – when the matter is slated to go to court; if citizens of both countries give the go ahead.  Belize and Guatemala have agreed to go to their citizens in referendums.  Nothing that Wil Maheia has done, is doing or will do is likely to remove the claim.  The International Court of Justice on the other hand can reaffirm 1859, 1931, seal our terrestrial, riverine and marine borders, including the Exclusive Economic Zone! Guatemala will be forced to recognize them! We will then have Internationally Recognized Borders!  No Johnny Briceño, Eamon Courtenay, Lisa Shoman, Sandra Coye, Wil Maheia nor Mose Hyde… can end the claim.  The Belizean people need to tell them to shut up and get the heck out of the way!  Wil must stop doing idiotic and dangerous things.  The days when Price could brainwash the citizens to vote for ‘broomstick covered with a blue & white cloth’ are long gone!  Thanks to Ralph and Said we are all on our guard against the big, bad, ‘wutliss,’ ‘thiefing’ lying…PUP.

In the Bible, the Good Lord sent for an ass - to ride; a mere beast of burden!  Wil is not a thinker, a strategist, a planner, a soldier, a patriot, a hero, a negotiator, a diplomat nor a representative of the People.   The PUP is riding him to try to get back in power, to get to the Peoples’ money!  Price’s PUP has a very terrible history of misusing people, including the unions…  Specifically, I want Wil to stop being foolish.  I demand that each and every PUP official, who is on record saying that going to the ICJ is the best option, stick to their words and lead their followers wisely!  Quetzal Price and his mindless followers made the Guatemalan problem worst!  There is this golden opportunity today for the PUP to be faithful and truthful to Belize, for once.  Today, they can help in getting the Price facilitated Guatemalan monkey, off the back of the Jewel – they can vote to have the ICJ destroy the evil, unfounded claim!  This new generation of Belizeans is NOT voting for any broomstick!  Voters, say NO to the evil PUP.