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Written by By Pastor Barry Fraser   
Thursday, 28 September 2017 00:00

Our theme this week is “It is Finished.” In the Gospel of John, chapter 19, verse 30, we read: When He had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, He bowed his head and gave up His spirit.

There is a lot of activity going on in the spirit world, in response to our prayers. When Jesus went to the cross His last statement was, “It is finished.” He was letting us know that what He did has released all the power and anointing we will ever need to change the world. But these things are hidden for us and not from us. For example if you have an expensive piece of jewelry you will hide it in a strong place for safekeeping, so that no unauthorized person will get access to it.

One of the most important decisions we can ever make is to believe that God has already done everything for us, and what we are doing is discovering it daily. So when we pray according to His word, then we should trust that it is done. If we cannot find a scripture to back what we need, and we ask Him, He will show us. Because, everything in His word is available in His storehouse. When we order our items, it is taken off the shelf, and reserved for us to be delivered into our natural world.

But sometimes there are hindrances between the asking and receiving. Therefore, if we give up, our things go back to the shelf, until we ask again. But one thing that helps us to persevere in waiting, is thanking God by faith that we have what we asked, whilst asking Him to show us how to use the authority He gave us, to remove all hindrances.

Your destiny is secure because of Jesus’ finished work.

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