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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

If the BNTU can say that they have their strike on hold as they await the implementation of the anti-corruption measures and they are holding the government accountable; can the general public not also be able to hold them accountable to provide better service.

Take for example, the last time they went on their strike, they deprived students of 10 days which showed during the major exams that students take: the CXC's and the PSE. They cannot say that they made that up because all make up that was proposed and subsequently effected took place after the exams had already taken place.

Also can we not hold them accountable that every time they chose to have union meetings they do so during school hours. This Thursday they will do so and will deprive students of a half day's worth of contact hours. Why are not these meetings held after classes or on weekends when it will not impact students?

And as we begin to hold the BNTU accountable, after all they are paid with tax payers dollars, should not some kind of measurement be put in place to ensure they are delivering quality education to our children. In other words should the paying parents not have some say as to whether or not they are getting value for their money? If children are unable to read by a certain age or are unable to apply principles at a certain age, should not the parents be able to hold the teachers accountable for poor instructions? After all it is by way of a combination of tax payers dollars and parents contributions that teachers are paid.

Teachers should be able to demonstrate as much as they want! They should be able to want to hold government as accountable as they want! But, they too need to be held accountable. Let's for once flip the coin.