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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Johnny is playing a game of CHEST in an effort to try and outmaneuver the hawks, who are trying to unseat him as PUP Leader. He knows that the PUP will take a beating at the polls in next year’s Municipal Elections. Johnny also knows that a PUP National Convention is mandated to be held after those elections.  His leadership would definitely be challenged at that convention and he would lose it. Trying to ward that off, he has now come up with the idea of going to convention before those municipal elections. The plan is a devious, but a brilliant plan. See, there is the old practice of not changing leadership in the immediate period leading up to an election as it could cause major fallout and splintering inside said POLITICAL PARTY . After such a change there would not be enough time for the healing process to take place. Johnny though is not just thinking about this National Convention, he is thinking more about the one down the road, in TWO YEARS TIME, when the nation will be in full GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN MODE. When the time comes for the next PUP National Convention around late 2019 or early 2020, it would be too close to the General Election for them to make any changes and rocking the already leaky old PUP dorey. Johnny would then have to be given yet another FREE PASS to then lead the PUP into the 2020 General Election.

People like Karim and Julius may wish to stop Johnny from achieving his long-term goal by stopping him now, but that could prove difficult at this time because neither of these two prospective challengers to Johnny’s LEADERSHIP, has gotten around to placing their people in place as leaders in the various constituencies and branches of the party, thus controlling the convention delegates. Karim and Julius may have to put their giant egos aside at this time and join forces to unseat Johnny. Now more and more we are seeing the rationale in Johnny going against wishes of the party when he brought in Cordel as his SUPER DEPUTY. He is now banking on the fact that Cordel, who is the Defacto Leader in Belize City, would control the most of the Belize City Delegates as he proved in the last convention. Cordel’s job would then be to lure and secure those votes over to Johnny’s side. However knowing Cordel he may end up going against Johnny. If Julius and Karim were to team up and cut a deal with Cordel, then they could be able to pull off unseating Johnny. With Cordel being a CREATURE of PASSAGE they could get rid of him also. We don’t know which one of them would be prepared to step aside and take one for the team. However knowing the way both gentlemen thirst for power, whatever joining of forces we may see from Karim and Julius, would not last long and we would then once again see a G5 or G6 or G7 or whatever the number may be at that time. That’s just the way it is and has always been in the PUP, a BACK STABBING Situation!