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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Police from Dangriga have arrested and charged 2 men for the murder of 46 year-old Luis Antonio Sierra, a butcher from Bullet Tree Village. The criminal charges brought against the accused, 34 year-old Saul Campos and 31 year-old Lyndon Lewis, suggest that they and the family of the murder victim have come to the same conclusion. These 2 men were attempting to rob Luis Sierra, a butcher by profession, but their criminal enterprise went wrong when the gunman fatally wounded him.

Luis Sierra’s family told the press that he runs a meat and vegetable shop in his home village, and he regularly delivers his products to his customers from Placencia. They believe that he came across 31 year-old Lyndon Lewis, a resident of the Valley Community, in the Stann Creek District. He allegedly began attempting to entice Sierra with a beef sale,that sounded too good to be real.

His brother, Jose Erazo, told the media, “He told me that a guy from here this south area…told him about a deal, about 6 small animals he is selling at a good price and I told him to be careful. It sounded like it could be theft, because it's too cheap and I told him if its theft. ‘you might get in trouble to bring that, police could catch you and you could get in trouble.’ He told me that he will see about it, but ‘it sounded like a good deal he told me.’

Erazo and Sierra had this conversation about 3 weeks ago, and Sierra’s employee reported to the family that Lewis invited them to his “farm”, located at mile 18 on the Hummingbird Highway. Sierra was to inspect Lewis’ supposed animals that he was offering for sale. Both men arrived at Lewis’ property in the afternoon of Thursday, September 28, and reports say that he led them into what they believed was the area where the animals were being kept. They immediately spotted cows, and so, it appeared promising. He led them up a hill area, to a clearing, but apparently, Sierra and his employee began suspecting something was up when they saw no other animals in this area.

Erazo explained how his brother was reportedly ambushed. He said, “So, they walk a little bit around the bushes where he has his pastures, but it wasn't pastures, it was high bushes. Only a little clearance was there. So when he (Luis Sierra) came back and stand up in the clearing, the man who set him up to take him up there, he stayed behind. So my brother was already coming back with his worker and at the same time somebody came out from the bushes with a gun and he point at two of them and he told my brother that he will die and he pointed the gun to him and he shot him in his stomach and then after that he follows the worker, he chased him.”

While this gunman chased Sierra’s employee into the bushes, nobody took notice of him after he was injured by a bullet to the stomach area. That was the last time he was seen alive, and about 45 minutes to an hour or so later, he called his employee using his cellular phone. By that time, this employee had already escaped his armed pursuer. Sierra confirmed to him that he got shot in the stomach, but he was unable to describe where exactly he was. About another hour or so, Sierra reportedly called another friend, and this may have been the last few moments that he was conscious. He told this friend that he was dying, and the phone cut off.

His family dispatched to the location later in the evening, and they searched the area for whatever daylight time they had left. They returned to the location with police, and BDF soldiers early the following morning. They attempted to find him, but it was not until 11:30 a.m. that Sierra’s body was spotted at the bottom of the hill, in an area that had quite a number of trees and bushes to hide him. They confirmed their worst fears after hoping that they would get to him still alive. He bled out and died from that gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Earlier that same morning, Dangriga cops launched their own operations and detained Lyndon Lewis and Saul Campos. They also retrieved a .38 SPL revolver, which had 4 live rounds and a single expended shell; this is believed to be the weapon that was used to shoot Sierra.

Over the weekend, the cops conducted their investigations, and they formally arrested and charged Saul Campos with murder for the shooting death of Sierra. He was additionally charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. Lyndon Lewis was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. They were both arraigned in the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court on Monday, October 2. Campos was remanded to the Belize Central Prison, while Lewis was offered bail of $3,000. Their case has been adjourned until November 6.

The family members of Luis Sierra are now grieving his loss, they are now making funeral arrangements for him. The honest businessman leaves behind 5 children and 3 grandchildren.