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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Daniel Anderson, a 28 year-old resident of Belize City, was killed in what looks like a bar brawl in which 3 other people were injured. Anderson, a father of 4, had been accused of 3 murders, but he was acquitted of all 3 and set free. His family does not believe that his death has anything to do with his past.

That incident happened early on Sunday morning, October 1 sometime after 3:30. Anderson was at the Bismark Club, located on Queen Charlotte Street, in the Yarborough Area. He was there with his girlfriend, and they were celebrating the 28th birthday of Alex Underwood, when a series of liquor fueled arguments broke out.

Anderson and another reportedly got into some hard talk, but their friends and family separated the two men in an effort to prevent any further escalation. That appeared to have worked until a woman reportedly threw a drink on his girlfriend, Angela Underwood, sister of Alex Underwood, one of the shooting victims.

They got into a confrontation, but again others intervened to calm things down. It was not until everybody left the club, and were outside, waiting to make their way home, that several different fights broke out.

Reports are that the man, with who Anderson had the disagreement, pulled out a weapon and shot him in the chest.

Anderson’s girlfriend, Angela Underwood, hit the gunman after he fired the gun and shot him. The gunman’s girlfriend attacked Angela, and at that moment, it became chaotic, with separate fights erupting all around. In the aftermath, Alex Underwood suffered gunshot wounds to both hands, while 2 women ended up injured as well. Stacey Belisle suffered stab wounds to her left arm, the left side of her lower back, and her right arm. 27 year-old Crystal Flowers, was injured to the left cheek by a gunshot.

They were all rushed to the KHMH, but at around 5:50 am, less than 2 hours after he was shot, Anderson passed away while undergoing treatment.

His family told the press that this fatal shooting, which started from a disagreement among friends, could have been avoided. Angela Underwood commented, “It is very upsetting because I don’t think it should have led to someone pulling out a gun I would have preferred if they just fight. It is even more upsetting to me that it is someone that I know.”

Anderson was described by his sister as a person who calmed down significantly, and was trying to change his life for his 4 children. Press reports say that he was charged with murder for the July 2005 death of Celestino Zetina. That charge was withdrawn by the prosecution. Then, in 2009, he and another accused were set free of the murder charges for the March 2007 double murder of 32 year-old Dorian Michael and 24 year-old Keira Leslie. Finally, last year, Anderson was acquitted of the June 2010 murder of Joyce Mitchell. He spent 5 years on remand waiting for that acquittal, and his family says that the time away from his children positively affected his outlook after he was released.

On Wednesday 4th October police formally arrested and charged, Steve Martin Moss, 23 year old Belizean Stevedore of a Belize City Address with one count of Murder of Daniel Anderson, two counts of Attempt Murder and two counts of Use of Deadly Means of Harm upon Alex Underwood and Crystal Flowers.