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Written by By Ed U Kate   
Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition explains how widespread: “…the entire nation…”  The point that we must focus on is the absolute desperation of the PUP.  They will do every, and anything to get back in power; perverse.   Not because they want to help the People and Country, but because they want to get back at the feeding trough.  Too much money is being spent.  Like you and I, the PUP see the new, grand Civic Center, the many new, beautiful Sporting Complexes, the very many resurfaced streets, the miles of new paved roads, the new houses for citizens…  and they become extremely jealous.   Imagine how many baby scholarships Dodo Bird Cordel could have pocketed!  Millions (with a capital M) for Musa!  Heck, even Ralph would have been tempted to come back!   George Cadle Guatemala Price perfected the art of tricking Belizean voters – to the point of voting for a “stick covered with a blue and white cloth!”  The PUP is about tricking the voters.  To the PUP we are nothing but a bunch of fools to be tricked into putting them back in office so the ‘thiefing’ can begin all over again!

‘Anyway pan knack, the PUP will show up.’  A few days ago a 17 year old SJCJC ‘economics major’ was on a marijuana plantation (read Rowland A. Parks, AMANDALA No.3120 Headline Story). This article is an open invitation to each and every one of the ‘protestors’ to carefully explain why a classmate was in a marijuana plantation rather than at home doing problems from behind the chapters of his Economics textbook?  Why was #GoBlue Brackett at the very front, next to the lisping spokesman?  Matura-Shepherd wrote: “This…leaves many questions to be answered… It’s a pity our journalists don’t ask the right questions!”If she had only turned to page 5, she would have been delighted to find that none other than her Editor offered help: “…for years…”the media”…is causing problems in Belize.  The reality is that amongst the Belizean media workers on the ground, a unique amount of cooperation has evolved.  This has nothing to do with the owners of the various media houses, who have business reasons for wanting competition instead of cooperation.”  Let me give you my 2¢ impression; here goes, first 1¢: I refer to the painted face of news7 as baby momma ‘a’ and to the secretary of the union as baby momma ‘b.’ Second 1¢:The extremely conniving, disingenuous and willful Mose trickshis baby mommas, union friends and company to support brother Dodo, leader ‘Squeeky,’ and the ‘whutliss, thiefing PUP – hoping for a win; then the money will once again flow! “We have to survive; we have to pay bills; we noh got no apology eena that, you understand?”Desperation, they are scheming for dollars!Whenever the tiny anti-good government nucleus feels that they can rile up a crowd against a hard working government, they jump on the opportunity: Go Wil, tweak the nose of the aggressor; torch tires Brackett, write more foolishness Major Lloyd, strike teachers, follow Mose’s orders Unions, vote Oceania, protest Satim, walk out SJCJC, block the bridge Johnny….”  After pocketing“millions and millions and millions and millions and millions” of the PEOPLES’monies, the PUP is unable to win the support of the masses!  They have to resort to instigating civil unrest and worst!  Opposition Leader and Parliamentarian Johnny, infamous for the millions exposure, found himself leading an illegal march to block the Toll Bridge; imagine the extreme level of desperation! Devious little devils they are - these PUPs. Voters, the ‘whutliss,’ greedy, ‘thiefing,’ lying disingenuous PUP and its perverse Media fiends will stop at nothing to deceive you in order to get into power, to control the Belize Treasury.  To pick your pockets…Down with the ‘whutliss’ Briceño, Hyde, Musa, Julius…Reject them every time.  Make sure you NEVER vote for the PUP; ONWARDS EVER BACKWARDS NEVA!  PUP is bad for the Jewel- dangerous.