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Thursday, 12 October 2017 00:00

Any observer, seeing the dismal performance that Johnny Briceño has been having as the leader of the PUP, saw a challenge coming to his leadership from a mile away. But in an attempt to put any potential challenger at a disadvantage, Briceño called a snap national convention in which he expected to be endorsed as leader of the PUP on November 26. But not so fast, says Kareem Musa; he is now openly defying Briceño and in a cagey and underhanded manner, called the press to his office to say that he is being asked to run as the leader of the People’s United Party.

The mere fact that he had the audacity to call the media to his office to put his tail between his legs and say that he is merely considering it, shows this man’s slick. He, in effect, is calling out Briceño and saying that he is ready for leadership especially because according to him, Johnny pays no attention to anyone and in particular him as a deputy for the PUP in the East. He went on to say, not in as many words that Johnny was ‘hard-ears.’

With that, Kareem has fired the shot across Johnny’s leadership bow and now the already flaky tenure of Briceño is being questioned. For his part, it is absolutely necessary that he secures the leadership at the  November convention because 4 months after that will be municipal elections, which he is sure to lose. But in securing a new mandate in November would guarantee that he remains as leader for the next general election. Johnny, then, is in a do or die position and he is holding onto all the straws to maintain the status quo.

But Kareem as leader has people stating that if you thought the father was bad, check the son. If you peel away the slick, fast-talking, polished finish of Kareem, there is a Musa under it and everyone knows what his father’s capacity was and are scared more of the son than they are of the father.

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