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Written by By Ed U Kate   
Thursday, 12 October 2017 00:00

I am a parent and a teacher and I absolutely do NOT support the BNTU leadership.  I strongly believe that the majority of parents similarly do NOT support the union leadership’s plunge into partisan politics!  Should public sector unions even be allowed to exist if they involve themselves in partisan politics?  Political partisanship violates a public sector union’s own principles and articles of association!  Individual union members have the right to vote, and they should do so, like every other registered voter!  Yet, the union’s role is completely different from that of a political party.  Leadership should improve the abysmal PSE scores.  They need to help produce good citizens – the almost total indiscipline in the community has got to be traceable directly to parents and teachers.  The first five years of a child’s life is spent with parents, the next eight is spent between home and school.  The ‘modern’ system is in ways an obstacle to appropriate discipline.  The parents and teachers who know better then, have got to lead the way!  The Amandala editor is in my opinion completely off the mark!

Aaron Humes reported: “Even having achieved a satisfactory victory, Evan “Mose” Hyde said he found it rough going trying to convince the B.N.T.U.  He got their support.” Motor Mouth Mose himself said: “I went there like I know exactly how I will do this documentary and we will produce this documentary and when we done we are going half – half… That is how this documentary happen.”  The Editor wrote:” The BNTU leadership had made a visionary decision some months ago to commission the making of a video documentary…”  Someone is lying!  Mose convinced the leadership or a BNTU visionary decision???

“…to the other unions…get your frigging act together…”  Ignore it if you so please, but this is exactly the very brazen, unreasonable and disrespectful ORDER of the Editor!  Johnny handpicked Cordel to deliver victory for him and the PUP.  The problem is that KREM is simply NOT the empire it leads people to believe that it is.  A few followers yes, but not very much – that is the reason that it so desperately needs not just the BNTU leadership; but much, much, much more bodies.  Otherwise, KREM will fail Johnny and drop-thru with its part of the deal!  I have a question: When Dodo Bird Cordel was cashing baby university vouchers hand-over-fist, was that cool with the voters of Belize, was that not corruption?  The Editor again:” Under Belize’s first-past-the-post system, it has been proven that the people cannot peacefully change an elected government…” I hate to be a nuisance but may I please see that proof?  The Public Meetings circa 1765, universal adult suffrage (1954), up to the last General Elections 4 November 2015 - all were characterized by peaceful voting! The Editor does NOT respect truth, facts, history, principles, nor articles of association... misleading the Belizean People!  Lies!

The Editor continues: “…we can ask BNTU to begin making some discreet inquiries into BTL.”  A media house with radio, television and newspaper is asking BNTU to engage in investigative journalism!  I can only say one thing: “WOW!”  Audrey Matura-Shepherd recently wrote: “This…leaves many questions to be answered… It’s a pity our journalists don’t ask the right questions!”  The facts force me to agree with Audrey.  The Editor writes: “…When it comes to the media systems, the true test is credibility.”  Every time I look at the word ‘credibility’ the meaning that comes to my mind is TRUSTWORTHINESS.  When the Foreign Minister used the technically correct word at the right time and place Mighty Mouth Mose was totally lost but worst, not a media house provided him any educated explanation!  The media in Belize definitely failed Mose and the People!  The unhealthy relationships between ‘media personalities’ is partly to be blamed!  Another main reason is a total lack of credibility as exemplified by the Editorial of Oct. 6; please read it yourself.