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Thursday, 12 October 2017 00:00

Just back from leave, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, has taken time out to explain the new course that he will now take for an effective Belize Police Department. Commissioner Whylie took the opportunity to describe his official positions during an award last week to seven police officers whilst at the popular Scotchie Restaurant in Belmopan.

The Belize Police Department operations will be re-strategized and there will be a “step up in terms of intelligence gathering.” While the over two thousand police officers in the Belize Police Department discharge their duties, Commissioner Whylie is appealing to the citizens of Belize, “…the law abiding citizens of Belize to work with their police officers across the length and breadth of this country.”

As the Police Department charters a new course, Commissioner Whylie also said that he is committed to leading the Department to ensure that there is an improvement in the delivery of service  and to seek and train police officers to be professional.

“There is the need for the rhetoric to be toned down and for us to continue to look at ways to cooperate in terms of improving the service that the Department is providing to this Nation.”

Commissioner Whylie said that he is aware of public concerns about the perceived behavior of some members of the Police Department.

“I want to assure that those matters will be looked at closely, I have a number of meetings set up with the senior command and looking at those things.

“We have had internal affairs division, we now have the Professional Standards Branch and I can assure you that those officers in those areas are committed to ensure that any wrong doing and perceived wrong doing is corrected, and I have full faith in them that if the officers are out there performing their duties and they are doing the wrong things, once those complaints are made it will be investigated and if corroborated corrective measures will be taken.”

Primarily for these reasons,  Commissioner of Police also took his official position that he has no problem with the citizens taking photographs and videoing the officers in their institutional duties.

“I urge citizens that whenever the officers are out there, don’t be afraid to video them because they should be acting professional.”

Finally, Commissioner Allen Whylie also appealed to other members of the Police Department,“who may be lacking in some areas to review their conduct [to] see where they can improve in their delivery of service; especially in terms of their interaction with citizens and let us move forward to continue to develop policing in Belize and continue to develop Belize to be a peaceful law abiding respectful society…”

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