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Thursday, 12 October 2017 00:00

On Thursday of last week, the career student and professional demonstrator decided that he would take to the streets of Belize City once again to demonstrate. The cause this time around was the cost of fuel. While we are certain that Moses Sulph really had no cause to take on this latest demonstration, we were intrigued by his actions. No sooner had he taken off than it had become clear as to the motive. He was masquerading the demonstration as something non-political but just looking at those involved, it was evident that he was actually leading a PUP demonstration.

Almost all of those in the demonstration were active PUP’s including Kareem Musa, Kevin Bernard and no other than the Leader of the PUP himself, Johnny Briceño, were present. Sulph, poor thing, needing some attention these days played up to the cameras and pitifully tried to explain that he was out there because the price of gas was too high. Now we know that he has never had to purchase gas directly so he could not say that he is a primary consumer. Nonetheless he babbled on, oblivious as to the factors that have been contributing to the prices of gas. He got his few seconds and immediately after him came Johnny Briceno.

While we could excuse Sulph as just being a dense individual, who has less than a limited grasp as to factors that affect the price of fuel, for Johnny we could not say the same. For years, this man has been integrally involved in fuel both purchasing and selling of it. He knows exactly what the factors are and in fact some can argue that he can actually do something about the price of fuel, at least at some of those gas stations that he holds interests in. This man, selfish as he is, however, would never give up a cent from the profit-making endeavor that is the selling of fuel to say that he would pass it on to the Belizean public. Yet, he stood there criticizing the government over the price of fuel and in none of those breaths that he took did he acknowledge that his family interests actually control distribution centers for fuel in this country. This is how hypocritical this man is. He could have said in the interview that in light of the high cost of fuel his family-owned gas stations would be reducing the price by taking a cut from their gains and passing it on to the consumers, but he did no such thing.

If we are to look at this man and his actions, we can clearly see that he is the type to tell government to give up revenue while he is unwilling to do so himself.