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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

The United Democratic Party held a very successful convention in Dangriga where 1,301 supporters came out to cast their ballots for the persons whom they thought were best suited to represent the party in the upcoming municipal elections of March 7, 2018.

There were two persons running for the position of mayoral candidate and in the end, current mayor, Francis Humphreys received 914 votes while his opponent, Herbert Nicassio received 322 votes. In the race for councilor candidates, there were 12 persons vying for 6 positions. Topping the polls was Cheryl Molina who received 754 votes; Alexander Joseph got 692 votes; Aaron Gongora secured 687 votes; Earth Lopez got 627 votes; Gary Franscisco got 624 votes and Yadira Diego received 603 votes rounding off the 6 candidates. The other candidates who contested were Therese Ariola who received 585 votes; Alden Chavez with 498; Anthony Garbutt 596; Marshall Mejia 489; Patricia Usher 444; and Augustine Sabal 290.

In addressing those gathered, unsuccessful mayoral candidate, Herbert Nicassio explained that after the convention all those involved needed to come together. He added that he has told Mayor Humphreys that they will move forward as one UDP to win the municipal elections of 2018. For his part Mayor Humphreys noted that the victory was one for the campaigners and the entire team who had worked hard to get it. He added that the council is there to represent the people of Dangriga and it will continue to work for the municipality to get its fair share of development. He added that everyday operations of the council will continue and that infrastructural work will continue as part of the normal course of things.

Also addressing the gathering was Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Patrick Faber who said that there was a lot of fence mending and healing that is needed in Dangriga. He said that this has been necessary even before the convention and reminded those present that they do not what to go back to the days when they did not have representation and the only way to do this is to unite.