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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

After being missing for 52 days, 17 year-old Erwin Rodriguez, a Belize City resident, was found dead in the Port Loyola area. A post-mortem has concluded that he died from multiple gunshot wounds to the face.

It’s the end of a long search and a period of uncertainty for his family who had been hoping, but realizing that the worst possible outcome would be the likely result. His body was discovered in a shallow grave near the seashore area, behind the Port of Belize. That’s not too far from his home in the Jane Usher Boulevard area.

His body was in an advanced state of decomposition. By that time, he was already unrecognizable, due to the fact that, it was his skeletal remains that were found. It was only after his mother, Sylvia Rodriguez, inspected his remains and recognized his belongings, that police were able to get a positive identification. The police and his family had been searching for him for weeks, with the only signs being that a few of his belongings were discovered earlier, which contributed to the suspicion that he was hurt really bad or worse. She told the press that it was very unlike him to stay away from home for more than a day, and if he slept out, he would return the next day. That’s why she was intuitively certain that he wasn’t alive anymore.

When asked about the tragic outcome, Erwin’s mother, Sylvia Rodriguez, told the press, “I had expected this already because I as a mother felt it from the moment he left… I want to thank everyone who gave us a hand. Everybody who helped with prayers maybe they did not go on the search but they were praying for us. Thanks to everyone.”

Police have not released any details on their investigation, but there is suspicion that Rodriguez’s murder is connected to other recent street killings. Reports are that the only reason his body was located was because a tip from an anonymous source revealed the exact spot that the search teams should look. It was in a location that the search teams had passed multiple times, with no success.