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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

In a most sheepish manner, Kareem Musa has decided that he will not run for leader of the People’s United Party. In a statement he issued on Wednesday he completely backed down from the cavalier position which he had taken last week when he had invited the media to tell them he was considering running.

In his craftily worded statement he blamed the media as the ones who “brought up my name,” stating that “I was surprised.” The reality is that it was neither the media nor was he surprised that his name was out there as he had in fact himself sent out the message as a trial balloon to test the weather. When the response came back it was not favorable for Musa as there was a growing animosity against him as he had himself just barely won his constituency and was a novice to politics. That combined with the  putrid and festering name that he carries was enough to send him scurrying back into his hole.

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