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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

About a month and a half ago, we thought we had put to rest this foolishness about political parties knowing how voters cast their votes at any particular election. However that thinking changed after midday on Sunday when we at this newspaper had the opportunity to watch the repeat of the Zenaida & Derek Show. The show is a show that is aired on Krem TV sometime during the week and repeats on Sundays. During that particular episode of the show Derek Aikman did a voting simulation in an attempt to prove that the Political Parties in Belize are able to tell how each and every one votes at any particular election. It is not the first time that Aikman has staged such a simulation. He did so only a few weeks ago. Apparently Aikman decided to stage this simulation at this time, because according to him, the Leader of the Opposition Hon Johnny Briceño had gone on record and called out Derek for this foolishness that he, Derek, has been trying to promote as nonsense. We at this newspaper have always known, that what Aikman has been saying is plain old nonsense. It did not take Johnny to convince us of that. Even though we find ourselves as being on the same side of this discussion, where we are in agreement with Johnny on this issue, we will stand by our position, because we know it to be a solid one.

Now onto the actual simulation. We noticed several flaws in how it was conducted, we will list those flaws as we saw them. Anyone who has ever been inside a polling room, even if only as a voter knows how things are done. There are rules and protocols that are strictly adhered to. Those rules and protocols are even more stiffer inside the counting stations. Our voting system is one that is ACTIVELY monitored by all the political parties and INTERNATIONAL OBSERVERS. Those International Observers produce their reports after each Observer Mission and in none of those reports, have we ever been told that any of the things suggested by Aikman hasever happened. They have in opposite fashion, commended us for how our Elections are conducted. Then with all the political parties represented inside the POLLING and Counting Stations had any  of the things Aikman suggested ever happened, we would have heard it already, if not from the two major political parties then we DEFINITELY WOULD HAVE HEARD IT FROM THE SMALLER POLITICAL PARTIES .We will not necessarily be laying out the flaws in any particular sequence, that is based on the level of importance. We will just report on the things we noted.

1) The room was too small and was not really laid out how an actual polling station would be.

2) The Scrutinizers were too close to the Presiding Officer, whereby they were in a position to see the actual ballot and serial numbers, as they were being issued.

3) Many persons Aikman used in the stimulation were persons who are the who is who in the ACTIVIST FOR HIRE BUSINESS.

4) Derek is assuming that the ballots at elections are issued in sequences as was done at his simulation.

5) The number of digits on his BALLOT PAPERS was only four while the amount of digits at an actual ballot paper at an election is twelve digits, making it harder for someone to write down those numbers at the speed of which things move in a polling station. It also makes it even more difficult to read all those numbers at just a glance during the counting of the votes. Counting Agents are interested in one thing during the counting, that is whether the ballot is good and who received that vote.

6) The voters were asked to and they held their ballot to a camera after they had voted in order to reveal how they had voted. We all know TV stations monitors their broadcast on studio monitors. Anyone in that studio would have seen what was being shown on those monitors

7) The sample size for such a simulation was too small. With only Twelve persons voting four of which were Aikman himself, George Myvette who was the Presiding Officer, Louis Mendez and Jose Louis Uc Espat.

For Aikman to try and convince us that the simulation was not a fixed situation, then he would have to have about TWO HUNDRED RANDOMLY SELECTED PERSONS to do the voting and the simulation must work at the ELECTION DAY SPEED. Other than that Aikman needs to leave this latest crusade alone and go back to whatever he is used to doing all day. To you Mr Aikman we say. “Go on Facebook. Watch some talk shows or Soap Operas or some cartoons. Or better stage a kidnapping of yourself, Play crazy if you need to. Just don’t discuss anything about the ballot papers again.”