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Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

The Saint Catherine Academy community has ventured on a task to implement the utilization of reusable material into their SCA society. In speaking with Arlene Riverol, Vice Principal, Academic Affairs, as well as the seven girls that make up the student council, it was learnt that the task actually began three years ago but has finally come into play after the student council decided to take action.

Earlier this year, the girls of the student council as well as other student leaders attended a workshop called “Awakening the Dreamers” which gave them insight and attitude to operate like environmentalists. The initiative will see the removal of all disposable material used for eating such as plates, utensils, straws, and plastic bags. Styrofoam plates will be replaced by reusable containers which, after use, will be placed in bins and sterilized for use the following day. The student population of over 700 girls is encouraged to take their own utensils to school or purchase ones that the school has. When it comes to plastic bags, the use of wax paper will take over that purpose.

When asked what long-term impacts the initiative will have on the school and its community, the student councilors were eager to share the environmental good. Besides minimizing waste, eliminating these disposable products will protect marine life as well as minimize both air and land pollution.

Aside from the environmental impacts, the school will also see quite a significant economic relief. Last school year alone, there was just under $13,000 spent in garbage disposal. Riverol and the students project that after implementation of the program, the school’s garbage bill should go down to $7,000 annually. While there was a $1,200 onetime cost of investment toward the program, the student councilors are certain that the investment will repay itself especially since the material will be used for at least one full school year.

The program coincides with the school’s theme for 2017: “Mercians Protecting and Preserving the Earth” and the girls are expectant that the work of SCA will carry on into other schools. In November 2017, the girls will host a leadership conference at the Muffles College in Orange Walk. There, student councils and student leaders of Catholic high schools throughout Belize will be informed of the works that can be done in individual schools to lessen pollution and other harmful impacts on the environment.