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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 19 October 2017 00:00

I was eavesdropping on two senior friends the other day as they chattered about, of all things:  passing away. Seems that when we are young we never think about dying but as we age we appreciate that we must leave this earth.  Topic notwithstanding, one can always learn from the more experienced among us. One of my friends commented that he did not like when the name of the dead is invoked to score political points like when the name of the late Elijio Joe Briceño is mentioned to prove a point on corruption or drugs.  The other gentleman countered that the Blue Party was no better, since each year they pontificate on the media by singing and dancing by the late George Price’s grave to score political sympathies from the old man’s memories. The topic then moved on to assign blame on as to why people die young.  They don’t eat healthy, they drink and smoke, they don’t go to church, they don’t exercise, or they live too fast, and so on and so forth, blaming the victim or casualty.  This reminded me of a recent comedy strip I saw starring Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean in “The Funeral”. Bean was sitting in a church pew aping off to his seating companion that the dead man had it coming because he drank and smoked.  Mr. Bean later discovered that he was at the wrong funeral, and did not even know this particular departed yet he had judged the man before even the Lord had a chance to do so.  Back to politics.

The local news each night on TV is either peppered with gabbing images of Hon. Elena Smith or of three- star General (retired) Geovanni Bracket.  The former is railing about nothing and threatening to take industrial action on this nothing, and the latter is on one hand accusing the State of an extra-judicial killing of Mr. Albert Cattouse and on the other hand accusing the state of blatant corruption in the awarding of an alleged bloated infrastructural contract in Belize City.  If it means anything, my advice would be to make all documentation related to this contract public so that the world can see the entire compilation of the works involved. Just do it, Mr. Minister. Remember this is the so-called silly season since elections are right around the corner and you will hear all kinds of stories now with each passing day.  As to the alleged state-sanctioned slaying of Mr. Cattouse, I will never believe that, even if it was the PUP government being accused of such a dastardly concept.  Such action would trigger a civil war, no joke.

So, those two blue herrings aside, the silver lining coming from listening to the yapping of Smith and Brackett is that they took away the banner from Will Maheia who was striving to be back into the headlines with the Sarstoon canoe challenge.  Come again next year, Will, we’ll wait for you, we have no plans of going anywhere. Trump will just send us back.

As to Kareem RH Musa, I want him to know that Briceño’s supporters here in OW are steaming mad with his challenge to their Party Leader. They say that they have done it before and they will do it again (thrash the Musa/ Fonseca faction badly, that is).  Personally, I think they are right about that. You see, Kareem only won because Darrell Bradley got too ambitious. If Santi would have remained the candidate in Caribbean Shores, Round H.  Would have never gotten a break; but then again, if my aunt would have been a man she would have been my uncle.

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