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Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

The trial against Jermaine Rhaburn, a 24-year-old former BDF volunteer, ended on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. Rhaburn was accused of shooting and killing another colleague, 21-year-old Private Clifford Cruz, with an M16 rifle during an incident at the Militia Hall compound.

The trial against Rhaburn began on September 26, 2017 where Rhaburn was represented by attorney Deshawn Arzu-Torres and Leeroy Banner while the prosecution was represented by Sherigne Rodriguez.

Allegations against Rhaburn are that he and Cruz became engaged in a struggle. Cruz took Rhaburn in a chokehold which caused Rhaburn to not be able to breathe. Rhaburn informed Cruz of this but Cruz continued to hold him which forced Rhaburn to crank his M16 rifle and shoot Cruz in the abdomen.

At his ruling, Rhaburn appeared before Judge Adolph Lucas. The judge concluded that Rhaburn acted in self defense. With that, he was found not guilty of the charge and was set free.