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Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

The Police and the Media relations which had been strained for quite some time now and which has seen the media boycotting the police twice has been addressed. On Tuesday October 24 the Commissioner of Police called a meeting with key players of the mainstream media. The meeting was held at the Raccoon Street Police Station and both media and Police representatives put forth their concerns and at the end of it all they agreed to the following:  “We’ve agreed that the police and the media do need to be working together in a more cooperative and collaborative fashion and so we have agreed that twice per week senior officers will be made available that will be doing press briefings to the media here at the Raccoon Street Conference Room. We’ve also agreed that, in respect to the out districts, the head national crimes investigations branch would be responsible to do those briefings.”

And with that the boycott was over. The police recognizes that the public has a right to certain information and the Media is the conduit through which that information is channeled. There are many instances however when the media asks Police officers to speculate and opine and that is where the Police saw the need to draw the line. There were concerns with the manner in which it was done but relations have now been normalized. Certain mechanisms have been put in place to ensure that any breakdown in communication is immediately addressed.

The Police is now looking to strengthen its Press and Public Relations Office to improve the Police’s information sharing and also to work on improving the image of the department.