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Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

Undoubtedly Belizeans have become accustomed to hearing the members of that CRIMINAL GANG a.k.a. the People's United Party accusing the MEMBERS of the United Democratic Party of all sorts of fraud and outlandish things. However Belizeans know better than to believe the PUP’s claims. They know that it is the PUP who are the ones that have always been guilty of everything that they have been accusing the UDP of. Last Friday at the House of Representatives was no different, as the members on the PUP side of the house went on an all-out offensive in an effort to try and accuse the members of the UDP administration of PUP-type of hustling. The irony of the situation is that the people doing the accusing are not the type of people who should be pointing fingers because in many cases they themselves may have done, some not-so-above board things in the past. Then there are some of them who have close family members who have been guilty of some of the same type of things they have been accusing people of. Some of those family members have even been convicted of crimes.

For example take Kareem for argument sake, he is the son of Said. We don't need to highlight Said's transgressions. Kareem himself publicly stated that he was distancing himself from his father’s baggage. However if we were to use Kareem's own words of "like father like son" against him, then Kareem would be floating in the same boat with daddy dearest. Then there is Julius, we have all heard of some of his acquisitions, such as the former Forestry Workshop and the building that was the former residence of all Chief Justices in the past. Another thing that Julius may not want us to remind him of is that EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR WHITE ELEPHANT, called the Bliss Center For The Performing Arts, that was built by a company called Structures. We all know who are the owners of STRUCTURES. Was it not Channel Seven News from as far back as 2004 that referred to the then NEWLY BUILT BLISS as an EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS LEAK? Kareem may also want to distance himself from the Bliss, because after all it was HIS BIG BROTHER YASSER, who was in charge at NICH when the Bliss was built.

Johnny though is in a totally different league of his own because not only is his father's sins hanging over his head, there is also the fact that Johnny won't be a candidate for Sainthood anytime soon. It's not that we want to be speaking bad things about the dead, but Johnny's LATE father was a convicted DRUG TRAFFICER who was convicted and served time in the USA for facilitating the transshipment of drugs into that country. It came out in his trial that he had abused his position as a MINISTER OF GOVERNMENT by facilitating the safe transshipment of drugs. Whereby he provided clandestine airfields and used the MILITARY and POLICE to ensure the landing, refueling, loading and take off of drug planes in Belize . Then there is that infamous Wikileaks Cables, remember those papers that were to exonerate his family from the accusations contained in the Wikileaks documents? Johnny promised to show Jules some six years ago and we are still waiting on those papers. There are also those times Johnny was recorded speaking about the inner workings (THIEVING) of the PUP. Remember "BRING BACK THE MILLIONS TO THE PUP, I COULD CALL NAMES, BUT I DON'T WANT TO?" Then there is that other recording of how the PUP votes for money scheme works. Remember the conversation with Julian?  With all the skeletons they have, the PUP is like an all year Halloween. The PUPs should be the last persons to cast aspersions on other people's characters.