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Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

With Senators generally not being politicians, one would have expected the quality of the debates at the Senate, to be at much more higher level. Also it would have been expected that the senators affiliated with the opposition, would not be opposing just for opposing or because they had been instructed to oppose, rather than debating on the merits and demerits of the specific bill being debated. For example on Wednesday of this week there was a debate on a loan motion that was requesting the Senate’s Approval for a concessionary loan of US TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS, from the Opec Fund for International Development (OFID). The loan itself is only to cover 68% of the cost of the entire Haulover Bridge project that will also require land acquisition and other costs. The proceeds of other funds that have been already acquired through a previous loan will cover the other portions of the overall project.

First to rise and make his presentation after Senator Hulse had presented the motion was Senator Markhelm Lizarraga. He started off by asking what seemed to be, the details for the bridge project including all the designs. Some of the other things he suggested sounded so far out there that we dare not mention them and run the risk of confusing you our readers with all the nonsense he said. It is our belief, that he says the things he says and tries to advance the arguments he makes, in order to try and represent himself as a sort of a SUPER INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUAL. Apparently we are not the only ones who see him for what he is. Senator Michael Peyrefitte being the astute and witty fellow he is, pointed out to Senator Lizarraga, that they should just debate the merits and demerits of the motion. Peyrefitte noted that he is a Lawyer and that Lizarraga is a BACON-MAN, as such they must stick to what they know and leave the ENGINEERING to the ENGINEERS. After Senator Peyrefitte had spoken, Senator Lizarraga got up and said that he is the owner of a construction management company, so he understands construction/engineering . For us that would be like Mr. Joe Bradley claiming, that because he owns a stove, means that he knows to cook. We know that Joe does not know to cook and Joe is always the first to let us and the entire country be aware of that fact. Word of advice to the good Bacon-man, “owning a construction company does not an ENGINEER maketh you”

Another senator who also spoke on the motion was Senator Courtenay. He started out by stating that on the previous Friday in the presentation of the same loan motion in the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister stated, that any fool can read and understand the motion in just five minutes. Well Senator Courtenay BOLDLY STATED that he read and understood the motion in just five minutes, just like the Prime Minister suggested. We don’t know if in saying that, he was admitting to being an IDIOT or he was just stating that the motion was an easy motion to understand. Senators Thompson, Elena Smith and Salas also spoke on the motion, but the insignificant things they said are not even worthy of being repeated, so we will not say much about them other than saying those three individuals are in our opinion, not worthy of being senators. Then there was the presentation from Senator Woods, who in her trademark style was shouting and scolding the other senators. Senator Rocke had to rise and make the point that he objected to be spoken to in the manner in which she spoke. He said he objected to be spoken to as if though he were a child. During Senator Rocke’s own presentation he informed the senate that he knew how important the replacement of the Haulover Bridge was because he had passed underneath it in a boat and had seen the condition of the bridge. He said that he believes that many people have great fear in crossing over that bridge because they think one of these days the bridge could fall apart.

Senators Barnett, Duncan, Salazar and Coy also spoke on the motion. They all took turns to point to the absolute necessity for the loan, that will enable us to replace the Haulover Bridge. Pointing to the fact, that the Haulover bridge should have been replaced many years ago. Senator Barnett’s contribution was based on her intimate knowledge of the entire Phillip Golddson Highway project, from the time of its conception back when she was at the CDB . Stating why this funding is now being sought to complement the other funds that were for the other components of the project. She also pointed to the fact that the new bridge will be designed and constructed with specifications that will allow it to last ONE HUNDRED (100) YEARS. Senator Coy took the time to detail the other bridges that the UDP had constructed since taking office. He pointed out that all those bridges are still there standing and operational . On the other hand he reminded the senate of the PUP’s record when it comes to BRIDGES. For example he reminded the senate about the infamous IGUANA CREEK BRIDGE that took a dive into the river even before it’s construction was completed. While the other senators fleshed out those arguments and pointed out the fallacies of the PUP’s arguments. In the end the motion was passed. It behooves us to give a word of caution to the PUP about bridges. “SPEAK NOT ABOUT BRIDGES, BECAUSE THINE RECORD SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT BRIDGES”.


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