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Written by By Ed U Kate   
Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

Prime Minister Dean Barrow on NEWS 5; Oct 18, 2017: “We are concerned and I have said that it is the duty of the Government to treat you well, despite the fact that it seems to be the obligation of you and your fellows to treat the Government badly. (Applause) But that is the way it is…”  Mose was totally wrong about the meaning of a very simple word, yet the complete Belize Media participated in his ‘Chicken Little Parade!”  Wil, Lisa, Eamon, Keisha, Luke, Giovanni, Sulph, etc., couldn’t do it for Mose; so he turned to Indira and Emaun.  The new dead dog that he is beating is titled: “Media Friends Duped To Assist Mose Pay Zinc Fence’s Bills And To Help Dodo Bird Cordel Deliver Victory For PUP Johnny!” Remember that the pre-World War II media in Germany and Italy was totally complicit with the evil philosophy that matured into Nazism.  Previous to even that, various media were complicit, as slavery and apartheid was developed and implemented.  Even in a totalitarian regime, the despots raises on the backs of the masses until they, the despots, garner all of the Peoples’ Power.  The point that I want to make is that the media; just like the politicians, are servants of the People.  I am offering that Mose & Pals fail to appreciate the fact that the ‘license’ under which the media operates is at the pleasure of the People.  We then can say to some in the media: “You have failed us! You have misused and abused the privilege that we had extended to you! Your party political motivation is self-serving and is working against the interest of the citizenry.  Mose’s androgynous, reckless, outrageous, rude and undignified behavior is WRONG and the citizenry REJECTS it completely.  Again, we the voters, your bosses, are not happy with you, Mr. Media!”

When I look at KREM and Channel Seven, I see incestuous cooperation rather than competition. Sure, it is good to work together on hurricane coverage, Cross Country, La Ruta Maya… but when it comes to serving the People, on a day to day basis, competition is what we desperately need.  Cooperation means that the same mistake in the same story is carried by all media houses. If there were true competition, we would see some serious investigative journalism and therefore much better stories.  Once a journalist gets a lead he or she should follow that story to its full conclusion.   Our lazy journalists beg for hand-outs and then promptly disseminate same, unprocessed!  No research on any news item!

Let me list some topics that the media failed to research and discuss properly: 1). On page 180 in The British Honduras – Guatemala Dispute by the Canadian lawyer/author L. M. Bloomfield:”… every European nation, without exception… recognized the right of discovery, as well as the title of the discoverer to… territory, though at the moment [actually, continuously for more than 23,000years] occupied… on this principle the wars, the negotiations, the cessions and the jurisprudence of these nations were founded.”  That is the basis of the largest robbery ever – yet our media has spent not even a drop of ink on this issue.  Our media have failed our Amerindian Belizeans.  2). When I type,_2018#/media/File:Disputed_territory_between_Belize_and_Guatemala.svg  into my search bar I get a map showing Guatemala claiming the whole southern half of Belize.  For years Mose and his media bedfellows have encouraged Wil, the Idiot; to play dumb games at the Sarstoon.  Why has the media failed us in the Belize Guatemala dispute?   I want us to go all the way back to 1957 when Price was kicked out of London.  Commissioner Sharpe, after finding that there was “contact” left it up to the voters and the international media to deal with Price – we all know that both failed terribly!  3). Rachel Maddow reported on Chad, Niger and the terrorist group Boko Haram as she delved into the situation surrounding the death of four people – do our journalists ever try to get to the bottom of anything – I would say “NO!”  4). Melanin, found in the substantia nigra [brain] is absolutely necessary for human life.  Every white supremacist has melanin in his or her brain.   Additionally, every white supremacist has maternal DNA that goes all the way back to East Africa; therefore every white supremacist has an African ancient grandmother! Is there no ‘Belizean investigative journalist’ eager to research this? 5). Friday June 2, 2017 Emaun, on Jules’ TV said:” We all know well the Bible story which tells us that the Apostle Peter denied three times that he knew Jesus after the crucifixion.”  AFTER???  6).  Philippians 2:10:” Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place, and gave Him the name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.…” Colin Kaepernick and some other athletes in their protest of racist police practices, kneel.  Reading the Bible leaves me to believe that bowing the knee is the HIGHEST form of reverence!  Protesting with the highest form of dignity and respect!  Seven billion should show support!  Belize media need to develop articles of interest. We want them to augment Police Reports with independent research! The Zinc Fence has NOT done good for Lake Independence:- highest murder rate!  No investigative journalist to research the truth about lie detector tests for Dodo Bird Cordel???  7). The Zinc Fence furthered George Cadle Guatemala Price’s lie about the Battle of St. George’s Caye!

The few examples above prove that Belizean Voters need to disregard the media and use our own brains!  Ralph and Said will always be remembered by the voters, Mose will NOT trick us; no baby vouchers for Cordel!

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