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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:00

After I wrote my article last Wednesday I noted in the news that same night that the Honorable Kareem had decided not to offer a challenge to Mr. Briceño for the post of PUP Party Leader which made me think that maybe I had fired off prematurely with my prediction of an ugly fight, but a friend later consoled me that the “pin in that story no ben yet”, in other words, the story still has several additional chapters of intrigue and suspense yet to unravel.  He suggested to me that the wily young Musa is bidding his time and patience and will wait for an opportune date between March 7, 2018 and November 5, 2020 to make his move. We will all wait and see how that drama evolves over the next two years, God spare life.

As I had mentioned in a previous submission I think that the municipal elections will yield a 60/7 tally after the last ballot is counted on March 7, with the Red Party holding the better odds on the higher outcome at this time. OW is the only battleground where the People’s United Party is swaggering with a morsel of confidence. I will never deny that OW is always an uphill challenge for the UDP, but we have seen stranger election results in Belize before. Remember “Hutchie” in BRC? No one would have thought a man on a bike!

But coming back to OWT. If OW East neutralizes the lead which Mr. Briceño enjoys in OW Central, the Otro Benque voters in OW North will put icing on the cake. It has happened before, believe me. Check the stats for 2006. The UDP garnered about 555 more votes than the PUP in the section of OW East which lies in town.  In that election the 7 UDP candidates won handily.

At this moment in time, though, the PUP has more anxieties than the OWTC amidst the tightening of the polls between Mayor Bernard and challenger De La Fuente; they have yet to field a slate for the biggest municipality, Belize City.

As I tap out this essay with my right index finger, I am listening on the TV to the Business Senator go on and on against the decriminalization of 10 grams of marijuana. He is citing several studies against marijuana use. While we may or may not agree with his position we have to respect the passion in his presentation. However, I think he is missing the boat on the intent of the amendment of the law. It is geared to give youths a break regarding a police record and/or jail time for a small catch of weed. There is a vicious cycle with our youths today. They get caught with a stick, jailed, come out and then can’t find a job due to their police record. The options for said youth becomes limited and at times a life of crime is the only avenue to survive. I am not naïve to think that this amendment will be a panacea to all our youths problems, but it is an effort to address a growing concern. Thing is, senator, both sides of the House supported this Act, and today you are the lone ranger. Maybe you should have championed a trial period like some laws in the United States.  I later enjoyed listening to the AG’s response, bursting the senator’s platform that there will be a huge increase of marijuana use because of the new law. Making something legal does not premise an increase in the use of this herb or any other substance. Cigarette is legal but most people choose not to smoke. In the end it’s all a matter of choice, don’t you think?