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Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

On Sunday night a video recording, starring one Justin Usher, went viral on social media. Readers may remember the name Justin Usher from late September, as one of those youths who got some media attention during the time Kelvin Usher (no relation) had purportedly gone missing. Justin is one of those young persons who had taken to the streets, in an effort to raise awareness in regards to Kelvin being missing. At the time Justin and some others were of the opinion that the GSU were responsible for Kelvin being missing. Perhaps all of you remember that narrative and how it played out in the end, so we will not go into any further details about that issue. Justin has been making a name for himself as some sort of activist ever since then. He has been hooking up with those known ACTIVISTS FOR HIRE such as Brackett, Uc Espat, Rivers, Sulph and also the PUP .

Now back to the video: Mr. Justin Usher, who appeared to us as being belligerent, was perhaps under the influence of some sort of mind-altering substance. He was being very much out of control. Apparently there was an incident where Usher is alleged to have hit a FEMALE POLICE OFFICER in her face. Subsequently, Usher was arrested and handcuffed. No sooner had he been arrested, did he switch into what appeared to be his ACTIVIST FOR HIRE /PUP OPERATIVE MODE. He did so as soon as he saw the cellphones that were recording. Justin was shouting at the tip of his voice, slurred speech and all, that he was now being victimized because of him being an activist, who was speaking out against the Government. It is our sincere belief that Justin has been using the guise of being an activist to try and promote a PUP agenda. From the time he started to come out in the public domain in September, but perhaps because we were feeling so delighted about our young people taking up the mantle of activism, we allowed it and did not look into his background.

However we have now, done our investigation into his background and we’ve found out some very interesting things. First of all we found out that Justin has a direct link to the PUP through Troy Gabb, who is married to his aunt. That said aunt is his father’s sister. Justin lives with his parents in Los Lagos. Remember Troy Gabb and his connection to Los Lagos and the DFC Commission of Inquiry? The fact that Justin and his family lives in one of the Los Lagos homes is a very interesting one since Justin is a person who speaks against corruption. We remember some of the accusations we heard about how some people ended with so many of those houses. However, that discussion is one for another day.  Justin is also the boyfriend of a young lady Musa, who we understand is the grandniece of Said and daughter of Billy Jr. We saw a lot of photos of Justin and in most of those pictures Justin had what appeared to be some sort of alcoholic beverage in his hand. Then there is one particular photograph of a person who appears to be in some sort of sealed chamber smoking from a HOOKAH.  A hookah we know is a stemmed instrument used for vaporizing and smoking favoured tobacco, or sometimes cannabis (marijuana). We don’t know what was in the particular hookah and we are casting no shades. Another thing we found out was that there is a Channel 5 News Story “The first murder for 2010: man stabbed while trying to stop a fight.” In that news story the name of a Justin Usher is mentioned. Now we don’t know if it is the same Justin Usher, who was arrested and charged for assaulting the WPC early Sunday morning, but what we know is that in the incident almost eight years ago a young man lost his life during a brawl.

Now back to the incident for which Justin was arrested. We know that prior to him going to the nightclub in front of which the incident took place, Justin was at a Basketball Tournament sponsored by Kareem Musa, which was held at the Buttonwood Bay Basketball Court. We know there was drinking of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES at that event. Now let us state that we are not accusing Justin of being drunk or doing any drinking at all. It may be just a coincidence that even though he may have looked and sounded drunk in the video clip. And then two other coincidences in this whole issue, one is who was the Attorney for Justin Usher in this matter and the other is the narrative being told by Justin. Both the Attorney and the narrative given by any of these so called activists who have been arrested lately are the same as in the matter with  Justin. This whole thing appears to all go back to the PUP appearing to be using these activist for hire to try and get back into office. Everything appears to be coming out of a PUP script. This issue is another PUP horse and as usual, the PUP will once again, not get any traction and will end up riding this one into the ground and kill it, like they always do.

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