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Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

Given the advent of the age of technological advances, the Belize Tourism Board has been working on an online portal to benefit stakeholders. While this will be executed in three phases, phase one of the portal was opened on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

The first phase of the initiative will benefit over 800 hotels in the area of tax submissions. The previous system required hoteliers to manually file tax returns then take them to an office of the BTB and a bank. Now they will also be able to execute payments and licensing with the online portal. Under this new system, the process will be offered in a more concise, efficient, and convenient way. Apart from the involvement of tourism stakeholders, the major banks of Belize, Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank, Heritage Bank, and Scotia Bank, have all been a part of the development and success of the project. According to Karen Pike, Director of Marketing, BTB, the goal of BTB is to provide a more convenient and value added experience.

With the new online portal, the hoteliers now basically have a BTB office at their fingertips. Sean Tang, Business Development Manager, BTB, considers the portal a more streamline and efficient service. Hoteliers will also have the benefit of viewing real-time account information in a secure and accurate fashion. User emails, passwords, and a BTB control ID will all be required to log in and access the portal, a necessary security feature.

Phases 2 and 3 are expected to be implemented by June 2018 and will impact a larger group of stakeholders. Guest registration and tour guide and tour operator licenses are just some of the new features that the portal will hold. Use of all phases of the portal will come to no charge and will actually reduce costs in terms of paper and other such expenses.

The portal was only made possible through the time, efforts, and infrastructure of the Business Development, Finance, and Marketing Departments and, IT Management of the BTB and the banking institutions. Elio Cabanas, Marketing Manager, Scotia Bank, considers the project a very beneficial and necessary one and announced that the transition was practically seamless.