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Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

At the Guardian, we are informed that the PUP are planning some sort of rally in Belize City to introduce the candidates that will run for the upcoming municipal elections. So far, they have only been able to secure the person who will run as mayor but as to the candidates all we hear are rumors of persons who will be selected. And even the mayoral candidate, as we understand it, his agreeing to run for the PUP comes at a hefty price, which will put a significant dent on the PUP coffers. As we are told, the money will not be used for campaigning. That is a separate type of financing, which will be earmarked for something else.

As for the candidates, based on the names that we hear are being thrown around, they are all repeat runners who have been unsuccessful at the polls time and time again. We are also told that at least one of those who will run is actually and ex-con. That’s right, a jailbird is as good as the PUP can get to run in their slate. This individual we understand was arrested and charged and spent time in jail for being a thief. Knowing the PUP however, it comes as no surprise. The old moniker, which was given to them, that they are a criminal organization that is involved in politics is holding true.

We will wait and see who the candidates are. But for those who do decide to run for the PUP, they must be told that the mayoral candidate is not doing it for free. His pocket is already filled and he is literally laughing all the way to the bank. After all, he told the PUP that he does not stand a ghost of a chance in winning the election and would only consider running with some financial incentive, which he got. So to the other 10 would-be candidates: remember, money di give weh. Time to get yours. No mek deh run you fi free.