PUP and Cordel had sown an ill wind, the mothers, wives and sisters are now reaping the whirlwind Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U.Kate   
Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

In the House of Representatives on Friday 20th October, Cordel proved that he knows just about nothing of the fallibility of the so-called “lie detector test.”  He tried to question the integrity of our good COMPOL, but that nefarious scheme failed!  Cordel then tried to tell the House and the Nation that the transfer of Williams would see things get much worse. With an apodictic air, Sedi wisely answered the Dodo Bird that in his day, there were no gangs, that he does not have any intentions of consulting with gang leaders and that the new crime fighting strategy was sound! He schooled Cordel in Belizean History! Interestingly, older brother Hubert, who was the area representative for Lake Independence before Cordel, had sounded a warning years ago about indiscipline and the worsening of the crime situation. In his style, Hubert used strong words and stronger action to contain the situation!  Many in Belize remember his words:” Who fu lash, lash; who fu jail, jail; who fu hang, hang!” Hubert was ridiculed by the Criminal Gang, his warnings ignored and he ended up losing to Cordel; champion of the ‘bad boy kulcha!’ Hubert was very clear, explaining to everyone that he had been stabilizing the community to help save mothers, wives and sisters from crying for their murdered men. He also made sure to inform the Nation that his re-election campaign was NOT funded by big underworld people!

Now, under Cordel’s watch, the city – especially Lake Independence of Southside is awash in blood and the mothers, wives and sisters are constantly crying and weeping!  As the Foreign Minister reminded Cordel and the PUP, the Esquivel Government had set up an excellent intelligence gathering organization called the “Secret Intelligence Service” or SIS, which was outside the gambit of the commissioner and top brass of the police. The system was working wonderfully.  As expected the “criminal organization that went into politics” or PUP; did not like the damper that was put on criminal activities.  The SIS severely cramped their style! The PUP was extremely angry and threatened to break up the SIS at the first opportunity that they got…

Well, when the PUP won the general elections, they immediately dismantled the Secret Intelligence Service. The rest is history - crime, including the number of murders, climbed up and up and up as the years went by! Now, the PUP has come full circle crying about the very murder rate that they facilitated by their total incompetence! Remember that the PUP was ONLY concerned with hustling the peoples’ monies: Cordel made a name for himself in a Baby Voucher Scheme.  Musa and Fonseca are famous for the BILLION$$$.  Even squeaky voice Johnny became famous: “millions, and millions and millions and millions and millions!”  Yes, the PUP is a Criminal Gang; and today it is scheming to get its hand on the Peoples’ monies once again!  They are hungry, they are desperate, they are trying every trick in the book – trick the voters, treat themselves!  The greedy PUP wants more of your money…

History is threatening to repeat itself! As everybody has heard, the opposition leader is saying that as soon as the PUP wins an election, they will dismantle the Gang Suppression Unit.  They won’t improve or modify it. No they want to DISMANTLE it, take it apart; destroy it (shades of SIS).  With his statement the criminals and the underworld are cheering.  Just remember that the PUP and Cordel had previously sown an ill wind and the mothers, wives and sisters are now reaping the whirlwind! If we had retained the SIS, this nightmare of murders would have been prevented.  Imagine how many lives would have been saved!  Cordel, it is the VOTERS who will save BELIZE from the whutliss, thieving, lying PUP!ars instead of the 3 million dollars.