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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

Personally, I enjoy a good joke especially if it is satirical in nature. That is why my favorite TV pastime is a good standup comedy with performers like Chris Rock or Lewis Black.  Recently Samantha Bee has taken  center  stage in my  auditorium,  but last night Sen. Courtenay is working his way up the ladder for best drama, as he tried to  showcase his new-found  passion  for nationalism.

Let me say this up front: there is nothing wrong with the proposal to amend the Maritime Areas Act, you know; in fact, the Prime Minister has already indicated in a previous interview that this would be done. Also, Mr. Assad Shoman made it known when he was here the last time that amending the MAA must be a prerequisite before submitting our case to the United Nation’s ICJ.  Now this veritable PUP senator is quoting Shoman to justify his own platform, yet he does not support the latter gentleman’s compelling argument that our case must be definitively settled at the International Court of Justice.   Double standards all around with this man, I tell you.  Maybe he is mixing up the MAA to mean the Michael Ashcroft Act, which would change our country’s name to Michael Honduras.  As Wave’s Joe Bradley likes to say:  one has to drink Fensic or Aspro when you listen to these people talk.

Can You Imagine?! After a decade of trying to sink our country into  financial  doldrums to compensate his perennial  boss and mentor, this so-called “New” PUP is   now attempting to cloak his nakedness with the shroud of nationalism to promote a national  PUP platform, for the lack of having one, going into the 2018 municipals? I think the PUP has grasped that the strategy of attacking all the UDP’S infrastructural projects is not taking root with the masses as had expected. The Opposition Parties (yes, all of them) want to cloud the Government’s projects with the likes of Intelco, Galleria Maya, and the soybean project.

My prediction with this latest tactic is that Wade, Brackett, Maheia, et al, will pick up this potato and run with it touting it as the solution to the territorial dispute. Let us just legislate a solution, they will flaunt, and then jump up and down shouting “hurray!”   It’s like the last time when Musa was Prime Minister  and Guatemala started to agitate at the western border, even kidnapping our soldiers and all;  PM Musa said we should all raise  Belizean flags on our houses to scare the bedevil out of the  “Chapines”.  That strategy didn’t work, ‘cause them still there with their sabers rattling away.

So, bottom line is, the PUP is desperately looking for a credible platform to energize its base or it will continue losing supporters for lack of vision. Hear what, my paisano, best you invest your energies and resources   in putting together your best young brains in your Party to come up with a meaningful manifesto for the municipalities to re-stimulate the Party faithful you inherited from Mr. Price. Those old heads flanking you belong at the garbage recycling plant on the George Price Highway.