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Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

For many years we at this newspaper were of the firm belief that Mr Lizama’s Halloween presentations at his 2nd Street home were the scariest presentations, that we would ever see, but after seeing the PUP’S Citco slate, we must now rethink  that and give title of SCARIEST HALLOWEEN PRESENTATION to the PUP. The slate, apparently is being dubbed as either a STILLBIRTH or AFTERBIRTH. It is our honest opinion that the two names are interchangeable. To put it simply, this slate was dead on arrival.  The slate looks and smells like decomposing flesh. This stillbirth slate must have died in the womb many months ago and as such it will cost Johnny his LEADERSHIP. That frail leadership is already on life support and would have come to an end anyway. However because of this slate it will now come to an abrupt end sooner rather than later. Johnny and this slate will be buried on March 7th, 2017 .

This slate consists of a bunch of Cordel Hyde’s relatives, friends, special friends, Zinc fence employees and generally a bunch of misfits. Apparently this slate was assembled by Cordel, whose first move was to get his own BROTHER IN LAW to lead the slate; sort of like saying keep it in the family.

Then he brought in his special friend who claims to have a PhD. We understand the PhD is in English or Literature but after hearing her read on the Tenth September, we are now questioning that PhD. We understand that it is a STICKTUATION that qualified her to be added to the slate as a SPECIAL FRIEND.

Next he added his father’s employee, who a few weeks ago told the party, to take his name off the slate, but apparently he was browbeaten into running by reminding him who signs his paycheck. That said young man is a professional loser who has never won even as little as a marble contest (check his record as a PUP candidate). Wait a minute, he is the same young man who his party once suggested was unfit to run when he was removed as a candidate.

Then there is the son of the former driver/newspaper folder. This young man has no political capital and perhaps the only reason they are including him is because he is young. And before it slip us, let us ask about something we’ve heard. Is it true that the former driver doesn’t speak to his former boss because of a house? Then there is another candidate, who all we will say about at this time is PHOTOGENIC! For good measure he added three of his constituents/committee members .

To make it appear that he was assembling a PUP slate rather than a ZINC FENCE SLATE, he sprinkled in the Bugleman, the intern for life and another well known professional loser. There is talk going around about  a certain fellow in the slate, who we heard used to receive kickbacks for processing loans from a certain bank.

Then there is another fellow who has been a resident of every correctional institution in this country, from Hostel to Listowel to PRISON. He we understand likes to walk away with other people’s property. There is a teacher in the slate who hangs out on and comments on Facebook all day during work hours.

It is not just that this individual is on Facebook during the time when he should be working, he has very bad spelling and writing skills .This fellow can’t string five words together to write a sentence. Neither can he spell good. He shamelessly owns up to the fact that he is not a good speller. There is but one common ground with this slate. That common ground is that they all, don’t even understand what the duties of a City Council are. They don’t understand that the primary responsibilities of the City Council are the maintenance and upkeep of the city’s infrastructure. These are the streets, drains, parks, playgrounds, markets cemeteries, collection of garbage and traffic within the city. There are also other duties such as administration of property tax and trade licenses.

After  the showing at the Stillbirth or Afterbirth Rally on Saturday , even a few  PUP leaders at it’s highest level realized, that their  slate will be  soundly beaten and buried by the Awesome and much more experienced and focused  UDP Slate. Kareem was one of the first to distance himself from the stench of rotting flesh, as he laughed at and stayed on the other side of the street, where the stench could not reach him. We don’t know if this was a carefully orchestrated plan between Kareem and Cordel, to make Johnny lose and look bad in the eyes of the party. Perhaps at that time Kareem would come in riding his BLUE HORSE and seize the leadership away from Johnny. We wouldn’t put such a plan past Cordel as we remember the roll he played, in getting Johnny elected as leader last year and what was his reward for doing so. It is safe to say that because we know that besides the fact that Cordel is a SELLOUT, his father and Kareem’s father are very close and have a history of working together to obtain their objectives. So it is only natural that these two young men would work together like their fathers have done before them.

To use Kareem’s words “ SOH PUPA SOH SON .”