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Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

Yuanran Zheng, a Chinese National, is being accused by the Immigration Department of being in possession of a fraudulent Belizean nationality certificate. The new checks and balances at the Department allowed the authorities to easily spot that this was a forgery of the old types of Nationality documents.

According to employees at the Belmopan Social Security Office, Zheng showed up there on Monday, November 6, along with his Taiwanese-Belizean translator, Zheng Hui Lin. He was trying to get a Belizean Social Security card. To convince them that he was entitled to the document, he brought a nationality certificate, which he insisted he got 10 years ago.

The Social Security employees examined the document, and decided that they wanted a second opinion from the Immigration Department, since the certificate appeared suspicious.

Immigration officials were quickly able to determine that this was a forgery of an old type of nationality certificate. The men were detained, and they were questioned by immigration officials, who were not convinced of their explanation on how they got this certificate.

Zheng was charged with the offense of uttering upon a forged nationality document, and attempting to use that forged document to obtain another form of identification. Yuanran Zheng claimed that he was in Belize before, but Belize records indicate that there is no history of travel here. Those records say that his only travel here was on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

Zheng has been arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on both offenses, and he has been sentenced to pay fines to a total of $3,000. At press time tonight, he remains in custody, where he is awaiting additional charges from the Social Security Board, for attempting to get the Social Security Card using a fraudulent document.

It is believed that this nationality certificate was produced by a ring of operators who are still producing fraudulent nationality documents to try and fool the authorities, so that they can get legitimate documents, through fraudulent means.

Police are also investigating the Taiwanese-Belizean translator.