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Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

The Indian Belizean family of 37 year-old Amit Moryani, a business man from Orange Walk, continues to mourn his death after he was killed by robbers at his family’s business place. By all accounts, a gunman shot him because he was trying to come to the aid of his mother, who they were trying to steal from.

The incident happened at around 8:50 p.m. on Friday, November 3, at his family’s store, P&P Supermarket, which is located on Cemetery Street, Orange Walk Town. It was near the end of business hours for the day when his mother, Babita Moryani, arrived. There is a discrepancy between the accounts from police, and the family and residents living in the area. Police say that their investigation indicates that the incident happened inside the store itself. The Moryani family has told the press that the incident happened right in front of the store.

Babita Moryani had only just arrived in front of the store when 2 masked men immediately attacked her, as if they had been waiting. The men assaulted her, and one of them, who was armed, reportedly struck her over the head with the weapon.

Seeing his mother in distress, Moryani reportedly rushed out of the store to her aid, just as the unarmed robber was trying to relieve her of her purse. The gunman reportedly opened fire and shot him in the left side of his chest. Again, there is some uncertainty about the injuries his mother suffered. Police say she was grazed to the right side of the head by one of the bullets.

Nevertheless, the robbers ran off with Babita Moryani’s purse, leaving Amit Moryani dying from the gunshot injury to the chest. He was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, where the doctors tried to save his life, but he passed away about an hour after the robbery and shooting happened.

Moryani’s family and friends continue to grieve his loss, a hardworking, law-abiding businessman, senselessly killed in a robbery because he was trying to rescue his mother.

H.E. Arun Hotchandani, the Honorary Consul of India in Belize commented to the press on this murder . He said, “Amit was a young enterprising guy. His family has been here for many, many years. A very enterprising family, a very hard working family, and they had a business in the Free Zone, and they have now established, many, many years ago, they’ve established in Orange Walk… He would say, ‘You know, let’s do more for Belize. Let’s see what we can do.’ He was always Pro-Belize.”

He was also a member of the Belize Indian Merchants Association (BIMA), an organization from Northern Belize comprising of all the Indian businessmen with commercial enterprises within the Corozal Freezone, and the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. The other members of BIMA are concerned that there will be an escalation of the number of robberies because the Christmas season is near.

Reports to the press is that Moryani leaves behind 2 young children. There is no confirmation, since his distraught family declined comment to the press. Meanwhile police are looking for two men from Orange Walk whom they believe are responsible for this and two other crimes. This crime is the third to have happened in Orange Walk in a span of weeks. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, the police believe that the crimes in Trial Farm and Carmelita were committed by the same men that committed the crime against the Moryanis.