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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

Poor little squeaky rat Johnny, how I wish that he was a regular reader of this column!  Over the weeks I have continuously sounded the alarm that the extremely ambitious Zinc Fence is planning to steal the PUP!  They tried to use the unions, COLA, BTV, Wil, Sharon, Sandra, Keisha, Indira, Sulph and a host of other stooges to overthrow a good government; but they are failing.  Now they are using the more direct approach: Son-in-law for mayor; a dunce journalist, the driver’s son, a Steve Nembhard stooge, Francis’ most loyal soldier, a convicted thief, Lake Independence sycophants... I call that group the Zinc Fence Eleven.  That group is owned by Cordel; not by the PUP and surely not by Johnny.  It was extremely smart of the Zinc Fence to coin the fallacious acronym “PUDP” and then condemn those whom they assigned to that group; but not PUP Cordel. They wrongly call themselves ‘independent.’ Behind the fence there are family members, friends like Rufus and I have even heard of Sagis Investments and Ashcroft who own shares!  There are varied financial interests sitting at the table – there goes financial independence, down the drain!  What is actually being insinuated by places that declare their journalistic “independence;” is editorial independence - the idea that they answer to no one but the truth. On page 20 of Amandala issue no. 3128 you will find the following:” Aikman went on to beat the incumbent and longstanding Prime Minister, George Price, in Belize City’s Pickstock Division in the 1984 general elections.” No, NOT Pickstock!  The Zinc Fence’s position on Sedi, George Price, PUDP, Artificial Border, Guatemala, Sarstoon, 10th September 1798, Secret Vote, Indian (rather than Amerindian) History and Maritime Areas Act, ICJ… ALL miss the mark.  The Zinc Fence stays as far away from the absolute truth as it can!  There is NO CREDIBILITY in what we see, read or hear out of that cesspool.  Roots Belizeans depend on them but, they are disingenuous, perverse, scheming, conniving, self-serving, power hungry. Cordel wants baby vouchers & CIVIC…The bidirectional Mose wants to control press & teachers!

Evan Anthony declares his full support for PUP Cordel even as the Fence tries to pass itself off as neutral, as roots! Now that the Zinc Fence Eleven have been named, how will the dupes, who were tricked into believing that KREMANDALA was ‘independent, neutral, non-partisan, not PUP, not PUDP and cared only about the welfare of ‘roots’ Belizeans;’ feel?’  They were always ONLY self-serving.   In 1973 Wesley College students saw him for exactly what he is: a predator; cunning but in the end still dishonest, degrading and perverse.  Every fat fowl has his Sunday and on Election Day the voters will fully reject the Jackal’s Team!  In this Information Age voters do not vote for broomsticks anymore… Voters SEE & FEEL all the improvements that benefit them directly and they will reject the big crooks, the Criminal Gang!  When you come to canvass, please, please, please tell us that you have recovered the Billions with a capital “B!”

Yes, Cordel is on Johnny’s right but things are far worst on the left, because of the dreaded Mooosa!  Price instructed Musa and Marin not to use his name in the 1996 National Convention, they agreed and shook hands on the deal; later Price had to suffer the indignity of passing under a banner that read:” George Price supports Said Musa!” [Godfrey P. Smith, Preface]

Mr. Lenny Joe made himself family so that he could inherit DIRECTLY from George Price!  The reins were pulled back on Kareem out of fear of a full blown intra-PUP power struggle.  Kareem is biting down impatiently on the bit; as soon as this Municipal Election is over, all hell will break lose in the PUP. Mooosa will wrench the PUP from Hyde and Johnny! Mooosa must get the PUP; MUST! Remember the sick 1996 banner!  I urge the few remaining wise, patriotic and sensible PUP voters to jump ship now and come over to the good Party. One that does not steal the PEOPLES’ money but spends it all to improve the Jewel solely for BELIZEANS to have a better life!  I see and feel the effects of Petro Caribe, every day!!!  PUP will take the rest of your money to Montevideo. Come over to the UDP who spend the money on the PEOPLE!  Come over to the ones who want to destroy the unjust, unfounded Guatemalan claim; forever!!!