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Written by By Shareema Robinson   
Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

Child Maintenance

Children not going to school sitting at home

Not doing anything, they’re all alone.

Mother of seven children, struggling, working overtime

To show her kids how much she cares

But the cost of living is so high she can hardly afford

The taxes of the bus fare.

Father at a bar getting stoned,

Don’t even have a penny or a dollar to take back at home

Mother is trying to give and provide for her child

With the best she has

While Father’s not worried at all in

Instead he spends his money on other women

Pretending to be some sort of Santa Claus

Mother’s trying to reach her children’s need but still

So many mouths to feed.

Children dreams of becoming something falling apart

Child maintenance is a serious issue

And from home is where it all starts.